We have FUN to do!

by MissPaw

You did it! You survived the passage of time and made it yet into another new year, which means it's time to bask in the fleeting enthusiasm that comes with new resolutions and fresh planners and some mood (maybe) to clean of all of 2018's garbage (and here we are not talking about EDM ;) ) . Savor that feeling, because before you know it, 2019 will become just as exciting, exhausting and weird, super weird we hope!

However, there already ARE some fascinating, must go, entertaining and promising parties coming down the old time road that are bound to be bright spots no matter what 2019 brings. Let's enjoy them together!

But enough "basking in the ambiance", we are back on track and so is the underground music we praise so much! We have our eyes fixed on some notorious festivals, of course, and worth mentioning are Waha, 3 Smoked Olives, and Sunwaves. Yaaas! Extra worth mentioning is that we are going to display some of our own artists at Waha, but at this moment we’re holding on to the mystery :). Now what do you expected? To start describing each festival? We are not that boring...go and experience on your own, make friends, memories, do crazy (legal) stuff, then come back and tell us how everything went down!

We are proud that Romanian marquee gatherings invites tones of underground lovers under the same roof, the experiences are unforgettable, some of them are even unforgettable as fuck, but... who are we to judge? Good music, excellent sightseeing, beautiful people that are growing more and more cultivated in terms of underground music, sounds good, right? Keep in mind some more classic suggestions from us that will be announced: Haos in Padure, Picnic Fonic , snrs48.

Those type of events should be experienced by everyone at least once in their life (preferably many times!) and trust us, they are worth seeking out for their unique experiences to meet the people and cultures that make up the vibrant social fabric of our country.

However enough chit chat, gather around some good and crazy friends and start make your travel plans: we’ll be happy to join you!

Photo by: Par Anormala

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