Waha Festival - A Short Recap

by Unknown Artists

One year ago, the Assonant Circles family had the privilege of being part of the most remarkable festivals in Romania, away from the busy city life, hidden behind the trees of an ancient forest in Covasna. We have been completely overwhelmed by the experience, so we have decided to return into the woods for this summer's edition, this time as guests.

As soon as we arrived at the Waha Gate, our excitement began to grow stronger and stronger. Something quite special started to happen next, as it felt like a common excitement shared by everyone on their way up to the festival was developping. The exceptional quality of the music, the powerful feeling of togetherness and the unrestrained expressiveness of everyone made it all together an unforgettable experience for us.

We started to slowly walk uphill, looking for the parking entrance while we continued to be more and more thrilled, as the Festival "air" became almost palpable. It was like you could reach out and touch it... The whole getting wristbands and getting through the gate process was fairly straightforward, but finding a suitable spot to camp was not easy. However, a decent spot was eventually found and once we pitched the tents, it was time to go for a little wander and do some exploring.

On this edition, there were some new decorative elements that were quite remarkable, reminding us how passionate the Waha crew is when it comes to building up the beginning of a wonderful journey, inviting us all to dream, laugh and experience ourselves.

After a short tour around all the scenes, we headed to the Deep Stage where we got into the festival mood with the unique live performance of Marcus Henriksson. However, every artist changed their style of mixing so it would be more "forest-adapted", one of the biggest surprises being the set played by Cap on Saturday morning which had strong electro influences. In the evening, Laylla Dane amazed us with an acid set that nobody expected, showing us that there are multiple musical perspectives that can be wonderful at the right time and place.

Afterwards, we were really curious to listen to Cezar's night-time magic, but to our surprise, Nu Zau came on decks and energized the night with an extended set which was one of our favorite ones.

Sadly, we had to leave on Saturday afternoon and we missed the sets of some really talented artists, but you can tell us down below which were your favorite sets and who we should not miss next year! This year's edition was packed with loads of good music, fun and freedom and we are looking forward to coming back into the forest for another journey in time and space.

Photo: Cristina Venedict

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