Variety of different feelings

by unknown artist

It is already a known thing that Sunwaves has become the most significant festival in the world that is dedicated to the underground electronic sub-genres and its 23rd edition looks extremely promising, as it is fully-packed with non-stop music for 6 days in a row.

For many of us, this festival provides a thrill of its own that can be felt when you pass for the first time through its gates, as an unique feeling of excitement floods your soul, bringing along happiness and joy. Not only that the music will sound better than ever, but the people will also make your experience unforgettable.

Speaking of people, there is a lot of diversity, so be prepared to meet individuals with very different personalities that will make you see the light about the way in which music unifies people.

Firstly, there are the people that went, and will go to all further editions of Sunwaves no matter what. Some of them are veterans that have been “Sunwaving” for countless years and never got bored of it, As their passion for music helps them gather the energy they need for each edition. On the other hand, every year brings newcomers that have just started to listen to this kind of music and they can easily be spotted by their delighted faces and big eyes that gaze everything around them.

Afterwards, you will surely meet the ones that are there just for the festival atmosphere and want something out of the ordinary for their holidays, so they had decided to spend a night or two by the seaside accompanied by all their friends, enjoying Carola’s legendary endless sets.

Possibly, the ones you do not want to miss are the extremely friendly ones that can get you out of any unpleasant state of mind or help you sort things out, especially if you are coming to the festival from abroad. There is no secret that Romanians are amiable people, so if you offer kindness and appreciation, you expect the same in return. Also, they are known for their deep understanding of music, so don’t be puzzled if the ones around you do not dance frenetically and seem a little bored. They are enjoying the music as much as you do, but in their unique way!

There are many well-known archetypes that you will probably encounter, such as the try-hard dancers, the fashionistas or the sleepy heads, but these are something very common nowadays, as you constantly meet them at all the music festivals around the world.

Speaking for now, this mid-spring edition will surely be a blast - the soundwaves and the people, the sea and the sun are going to keep you company, so you could really feel like home on a far-off land over which the music reigns.

photo by Sunwaves