Unknown Artist - A Trend That Got Too Far

by Unknown Artist

You started to see track titles that start with "Unknown Artist" more and more often, right? You may have thought some time ago that this is the alias of one artist who likes to release a great number of tracks that usually contain vocals. Or, you thought that he would rather remain unknown to hide his identity for various reasons but in fact, this alias is used by a great number of people. Why would they want to hide their identity? Sometimes, one may want to see what feedback he gets for the track itself or does not want any credits for the track. There are also cases when an artist uses parts of another track, usually vocals, avoiding copyright infringements.

Yes, you heard that last part well - by using the "Unknown Artist" pseudonym, their identity remains secret and they can not be held accountable for using copyrighted content, making it difficult to find the artist behind the track. This is not a new technique by any means, but it has started to become more and more used in the world of the minimal music. Moreover, the bigger problem is that the "Unknown Artists" and the labels that support their work also make money by partially using the previous work of other musicians without giving them back any credits or financial benefits resulted from sales.

You may now think that for the sake of music, this can be permitted, but why are these new "unknown" reinterpretations being sold and not given for free? What rights do these people have to sell audio material that they do not have any rights on? There can be many reasons behind this, but in the end, this is not an ethical thing to do, and they also know it.

Not all the tracks labeled under "Unknown Artist" contain plagiarized elements, but these cases are not so frequent anymore, as more and more artists started to abuse this technique of "borrowing" well-known vocals or instrumentals , transforming a track that would normally be a remix into a track with no artist attached to it. Afterwards, they reveal their identity on social media and get praised for "their" work. Does this seem fair to you? That is what we are thinking too...


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