U from Underground

by MissPaw

Yep! This is definitely Halloween Week! Because something frightened me and caught my attention like a creeper crawling under my most beautiful morning thoughts … and that is DJ Mag Top 100, or better called, DJ Prom Queen Top 100 . Yes! Because the nr. 1 DJ in the world just missed his prom last year because he had a huge gig at Tomorrowland, aaand DjMag thought it would be nice to compensate the poor kid.

Ok, enough gaging, in a most serious way, we… the closed circle of Assonant Circles, are disappointed af with all the million dollar marketing “happenings” , and we can explain why… or at least we will try to.

We are no huge fans of EDM music, this is already a well-known fact, and we respect all artists in the world! But we are not fools… we know that cancan sells, commercial music sells, looong and predictable drops sell, so all we require is some common sense. If you take only one glance at the chart, you will merely see diversity… and we need diversity, because we are all individuals! “EDM genre has the power”and we really really think that this is bullshit. Not to be bitter hearted, but we have great underground Romanian artists, like Raresh or Barac, that are really gods, gods of production, gods of creating club atmosphere and transmitting great feelings through their music. Or even some other international artists that are monumentally much greater than that nr.1 we were talking about in the beginning of our material.

Fortunately, there are some of us that are not impressed with their display of the most popular brat. WE ARE INDIVIDUALS, we have our own tastes that cannot be changed, only refined, so that’s why we are underground people.

All we are trying to say is that we love this underground genre for a reason, which said genre unfortunately is placed in a cone of shadow by commercial electronic music, and the reason is because we resonate with it, it gives us the story we need, to keep on dancing for hours and hours… We are attracted to this kind of niche music because it resonates with parts of our heart, and our brain reacts to the story that those gods are leading us into. We don’t care about Facebook likes and advertisement. Even the bpm is synchronized with our heart rate and you don’t necessarily need to dance fast, to faint on the dance floor in order to feel good or to prove that you are part of a trend, you really need to find your own genre and embrace it, fearlessly, even though you will migrate through some other places of groups of people. Please stay true to yourself. And if you like what we like, you are most welcome to come hang with us!

photo by: pineappleXPRS

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