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We shall begin with a short history lesson: Romanian people are exceeding at so many levels. We have great names, which places us on the pillars of many areas like medicine, aviation, poetry, inventions etc. So we should praize that dude, Petrache Poenaru, who invented the pen, Anastase Dragomir, who saved countless lives by inventing the ejecting seat, Ion Cantacuzino who is responsible for finding a cure against cholera and tuberculosis, Traian Vuia and Henri Coanda, thanks to them we can travel 10 times faster by plane, Ana Aslan, that practically found the fountain of youth, Gheorghe Zamfir and Ciprian Porumbescu who enchanted the whole world’s ears trough their music and many more.

So, many Romanian brothers and sisters are our pride and joy. We, as a nation, have always succeeded in the field of art, so which is the link between all these big names and underground music? Greatness, greatness and reputation.

Nowadays, Romanians manage to make us known by the unmistakable musical genre – ro-minimal! And ro-minimal is everywhere,it is indispensable for any great gig, festival or anything related to electronic music.

Introducing the ambassadors: [a:rpia:r] , this fantastic back2back trio formed by Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu and Raresh. So let's just break this group down and learn more about each and every one of them. Rhadoo is one of the oldest in business as well as one of the most appreciated abroad, mixing since 1995. He started under the name of DJ Rhadoo, mixing in legendary clubs such as Studio Martin or Club A in Bucharest and all of that culminated with his residency for Ibiza at DC 10.

Petre Inspirescu, first known as Pedro, started his career as a DJ in 1999 as a resident for WEB Club in Bucharest. Since 2007 he also emerged as a producer, releasing the album "Tips" (2007) at the prestigious label "Cadenza". He also released a podcast for the prestigious Resident Advisor, "RA 193" and chuckled with DC 10, just like his colleagues at [a:rpia:r]. From here on there was a new age for Petre Inspirescu, the title of this material being a very suggestive one.

Raresh is perhaps the most appreciated Romanian DJ across country. He debuted his career in 1999, at only 15 years old. Ricardo Villalobos’s protégé, Raresh was that boy who had all the luck in the world! A true value as a DJ, not exceeding as a producer, but who can forget his grand international debut at Love Parade Berlin in 2007?

They are perhaps the most prolific Romanian brand in international electronic music.

For years, the ro-minimal output has largely adhered to a blueprint: rolling grooves, big basslines and, perhaps most importantly, dubby overtones. Eventually a term - "the Romanian sound" - became a commonplace, a descriptor for the countless tracks working with this aesthetic. Barac has a lot to do with this. Barac draw some influence from the scene's best known, just mentioned and most successful label, [a:rpia:r]. But as Barac and similarly minded Romanian producers such as Melodie, SIT and Suciu go from strength-to-strength, it's becoming obvious that the country's revered minimal aesthetic is evolving.

To keep it simple, keep your mindset positive and your ears opened! The Romanians are coming!

Photo by PineappleXPRS From left to right: Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Raresh

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