The Underground artist in a world of comparison

by the daydreamer

There is this saying flying around the wisdom of the Internet and so much truth hides in it that sometimes leaves us wondering: ”The fastest way to kill something special is to compare it to something else.” A fierce competition seems to be going around in the Underground industry where thriving to be the best has quickly transformed the desire to progress into the one to conquer at all costs.

Comparison it’s a human characteristic that plagues everyone at some point in their lives. Maybe you faced it in school, in sports, in work or with friendships. In complete transparency, being envious on your fellows’ capacity of creating marvelous work tends to amplify the feelings of comparison, self-doubt, judgement, negativity. What good will it bring you, then, to wish you had what the others have in terms of the pay-off. Instead of looking into the others’ “court-yard”, trying to copy what they are doing, aspire to be the best version of yourself.

And there is more. The fear of not being considered the best also started to reflect on an individual scale. An exercise of introspection is, thus, required. When was the last time you were creating music only for yourself? Only for the sake of expressing your feelings...not worrying how the others, both the audience and the so-called „competitors” of yours will perceive the interior madness which. If the world around you did not praise your work as you expected, it means you are special and it will take a while for them to adjust because they are used to mass-productions.

Supporting each other is more crucial than ever, it’s where we should choose to face the crowd with dignity. To support ourselves as the talented people that we are, to give that new beat a round of applause and a genuine congratulations. We would have one last request: please, do tell us, what could be more beautiful than being unique and honest in a world full of reproductions from the same pattern? We will give you a hint: the answer is within you.

photo by Romanian Club Culture