The Realm of Russia Through the Eyes of Subit

by thedaydreamer

Exploring different grounds in order to discover a world that is filled with a contagious energy, inspiring souls and pleasant vibrations, that is a passion all of our artists have in common. Besides creating formidable music, of course. Freshly returned from one of his expeditions, Subit was happy to share with us his experience about performing in the mysterious realm of Russia.

AC: Hello! Firstly, we would like to warmly welcome you back to the motherland and ask you to describe us your style a bit.

Subit: Hello! It is always a good feeling to be back home. In what it regards my style, before playing at a venue, I always load myself with tracks that will keep my audience on their toes. Melodic elements are an important aspect for my selection and carefully pick the ones I consider to be well-designed.

When it comes to producing, I often try to create something different, both compared to

what I have done in the past, as well as what others have done. Originality is a key element nowadays, as the genre has evolved and many tracks sound so similar that it

becomes hard to find a tune that does not remind you of another one.

AC: And now, about the experience you had in Russia. Tell us about the scene you were able to attend and play for. 

S: The Russian scene has deeply impressed me, as the people involved have somehow managed to preserve the underground essence that once ruled over the minimal house events in Romania. I really hope that they will be able to maintain this state at least for a couple years.

AC: Can you share with us some tips and tricks that you have for a better engagement with the audience? 

S: One of the key aspects for a good engagement is to understand what the audience really wants to hear. The art of reading the audience is one that takes a lot of time to master, but it is definitely worth learning as it helps you create a stronger connection with the people in front of you.

AC: What did you like the most about the experience you had there?

S: Besides their exceptional venue and the lovely crew, it was very obvious that the crowd was very educated, as it was clear that each one gathered for this particular kind of music and knew how to behave accordingly so that everybody could have a great time on the dance-floor without being disturbed.

AC: From the discussions that you had with the others while in Russia, how do you

think the Romanian Underground music scene is perceived in the eyes of the


S: The Russians are really huge admirers of the Romanian Sound, as many told me with pride that the Romanian artists are their favorite ones, which is a very pleasant thing to hear. Their love for our style drives them to recreate lineups that can be found in our country so they can experience a Romanian night in their homeland.

AC: What would you say about the other artists at the party? Is there any difference in their style compared to the Romanian one?

S: Besides other fellow Romanian artists, I had the occasion to listen to some of their residents. Their style is very similar to ours, as they have a clear perception of what tracks can be labeled under the genre. However, from what I heard during my stay, both their artists and the audience seemed to enjoy darker tunes played at a faster tempo, as in Romania the general style has recently shifted towards a brighter sound.

AC: Last, but not least, how do you plan to recharge your creative batteries in order to have a fresh start in 2020?

S: Well, I would say that I have already recharged, as this autumn I took a short break from starting new projects and focused on refining some older ones that did not see the light yet.

For 2020 I am packed with many surprises, including a unique vinyl release made in collaboration with a good friend. Also, I have been working on some old-school electro tracks adapted to the modern sound of the genre and I am also considering to release two tracks inspired from classical music that have been waiting for some time to see the light.