“The real Underground is in Romania” – Radu Mirica’s words après Paris

by the daydreamer

For most of us, Paris portrays a place of love, light and art. Little did we perceive it as a place for the Underground, despite the catacombs which it is known for. (Please, allow us the little game of words). Well, do find out that less than one week ago, Paris was offered the honour to experience how Underground does really feel like. Although we were not there to live it, we now have the opportunity to see it through Radu Mirica’s eyes, our artist who played for a crowd formed of hundreds of music passionates, in one of the most beautiful European cities.

Assonant Circles: Hello, Radu! We heard that you have just returned from your trip in Paris. Let’s warm up with a couple of informatory questions. Did you play in Paris for the first time?

Radu Mirica: Yes, it was for the first time.

A.C.: How was the trip? Where did you play and with whom?

R.M.: The trip was interesting. The flight was a little bit tiring, but fast. I played in an enormous warehouse and the surprise consisted of the fact that its location was held secret until the day of the party. I played with Octave, our Romanian artist and with local artists from Paris or who belonged to Pisica, the organizers of the event.

A.C.: For how long did you play?

R.M.: My set lasted two hours and 40 minutes, although it should have lasted 20 minutes more.

A.C.: How would you describe your musical style? Why?

R.M.: I was waiting for a long time for a question like this one. I believe that my musical style is composed out of various influences accumulated along my career and extracted from different genres such as Hip-Hop or Rap, Jazz or Ambient, Minimal or House. I always like to experiment regarding more aspects in order to gain a more extended perspective. At present, I am focused more on dark atmospheres and sophisticated rhythms.

A.C.: How did the audience receive your style?

R.M. They simply loved it. You could see the enjoyment they were radiating, dancing their heart out until the end of the party.

A.C.: Could you describe a little bit the vibe at the party?

R.M.: I must admit that it was something new to me. The party was very crowded, so with a large audience, in a spacious location.

A.C.: How were the people, the audience, as well as the organizers?

R.M.: As far as the audience is concerned, I can say they were ready to party in every moment. They were also very delighted with what was happening at the party and this was due to the busy bees that were the organizers. Though they were very occupied, they did manage to show their gratitude for us being there and they proved to be very friendly.

A.C.: What did you like the most?

R.M.: I can say that I had a really great time. As I previously said, it was a new experience for me, something that I have never met before. But if I had to choose concretely, it would be the excellent sound system and the fact that the location was kept secret. I think that was a unique touch to an event.

A.C.: What you did not enjoy that much?

R.M.: I kind of disliked the way people were asking nonsense questions or they were distracting me for no reason from doing what I love and the reason I was there, which was playing music.

A.C.: Which do you think is the difference between Romanian and French Underground?

R.M.: From my point of view, Romanian Underground cannot be compared to anything. Regarding this subject, there are multiple factors which influence this phenomenon. We are talking about the public, the location, the artists, the sound and organizing the actual events. At the moment, there are a lot of promoters who pretend to support the Romanian Underground, but, unfortunately, just a small amount of them do that

A.C.: If you had to choose only one moment to remember from your experience, what would that be?

R.M.: Well, there was a boy who told me that the party was coming to an end in 5 minutes, when, in fact, there was one more hour left. I must admit that it was not the best feeling in the world, so this is why it remained a remarkable memory. But there could have happened worse.

*** Press here and you will be immediately transported into the middle of Radu's phenomenal Parisian party.

Last but not least, we would like to end with something that Radu confessed to us and we think it holds a lot of meaning: “The real Underground is in Romania”. It is a sign that no matter our artists go, their heart will dictate the path they’ve taken and the road back home will be filled with more appreciation for their native place.

photo by Pisica