The Digital Cosmos of Sounds

by thedaydreamer

Little virtual worlds constructed of sounds have the capacity to connect souls: these little worlds pump serotonin into your system every time you stumble upon an uplifting beat and also become a labyrinth of desire when you feel like your heart has not been fueled enough with good music. When you need a soothing rhythm or an accelerated one, you know where to find it. It would not exist without you, as the name itself suggests: YouTube.

Today, we will discuss about these little worlds, which are the YouTube channels, whose importance on your side we’ve underlined by now. Could you even imagine how alone you would feel in your room without having something to listen to, even if it’s background noise for whatever task of the day you are trying to accomplish. Someone is out there, behind a screen, working on this immersive universe of podcasts and tracks only for your delight.

However, it is their responsibility to make sure that they provide us with only the most qualitative sounds. It is their duty to carefully select, from the myriad of choices, only what the community needs to hear in order to escape the everyday issues and let themselves infused by harmonious beats. They are setting the tone for what is next going to be on repeat for many of us. Thus, they are spreading blissful vibrations at the cost of their agility, so that we are the first to find out about a fresh release from the comfort of our own home.

Knowledge-carrying digital whispers are also other types of social media pages which help with propagating the tracks, transforming the repetitive action of scrolling through your feed into an ecstatic experience. Facebook and Instagram, just like YouTube, are pure gold to our generation which is thirsty of information. Not any kind of information, though. We want it fast and we want it to be valuable. But trust us, moving with the speed of light will not help you find that inner peace we all strive for. Take a breath, hit that play button and be grateful because your folks did not have access to what you can enjoy today: this marvelous infinite digital cosmos of sounds.

Photo: Brand Cotherman