The club is not a graveyard!

by the daydreamer

During our ephemeral existence, we also experience some moments that cannot be characterized as happy and joyful. They are exactly the opposite, the moments when our heart aches so bad and is filled with sorrow and tears. Sometimes we tend to over romanticize these feelings when it comes to others, but when the sadness crushes over you in waves and you would like for it all to come to an end, there is nothing romantic, nor poetic about it. You are part of the real world, so you try to find a place belonging to it that can heal the pain. Quite often, that place tends to be the club.

Though, the club is not a graveyard where you go and mourn over the beautiful memories with the person who left you or the hurtful things that happened to you. We do understand that music is seen as a medicine, but you also need to acknowledge the fact that is not the everlasting antidote that will forever cure the emotional illness. Deep down it seems that you became conscious of its insufficient power, so then you end up letting your body be infused by the most harmful liquors because you think they will fill the emptiness. But they will take over your mind, just like a spider web where thoughts will intertwine with each other so it all becomes a mess. The vision will become foggy like a cold autumn morning and the body uncontrollably weak. Does that bring you any good?

Also, know that you are at your most vulnerable time, so try not to be so chaotic and give little pieces of you to every person you meet by accident at a party. Don’t lose yourself too much into people. They might seem something they are not, only because your representation of them is a reflection of what you are lacking right now: affection and understanding. Some will not deserve this or they will misunderstand it, putting your emotions at risk.

Be patient with yourself. Just live, breathe, believe, call a friend and cry, stay hidden under the blanket or go for a walk. Everything will solve itself as the time passes and you are ready to embrace the happiness with all of your body, mind and soul. The scars will be healed, the pain will, too, pass and you will ready to radiate glow and sunshine as you walk anywhere, be it a party or a simple road.

photo by Romanian Club Culture