The Artist - Just a Feather in the Breeze of Endeavour

by thedaydreamer

Today we will practice a little nostalgic game called "retrospection”. We will go back to the days when you, the artist, were only dreaming about what you are currently doing. Ready, set, rewind!

Imagine this: you, a teenager, starting out on your personal computer, pirating a mystical software that was allowing basically anyone to align sounds to their own personal taste. Oh, so exciting and thrilling were those times, when you were up until the crack of dawn, not feeling complete enough with your work. When friends were out and about doing whatever, you were charmed by the power which this senseless to others program gave you. Fast forward a few years and here are you now: owning complex equipment for creating music, but not putting in enough effort in order to reach your actual potential. You are somewhat complacent about this situation of settling for a few performances a month, in some dubious looking clubs, playing that same track over and over again, just as if you became a broken phonograph. Pardon us, but we fail to understand why. So will you, please, be so kind to explain us?

Why did you stop chasing your dream, when it used to be the only reason keeping you alive? Think about this: you could be rotting in the chair of a 9-5 job, you could be a puppet handled by a malicious boss, hanging by the strings of commodity and an average wage. You were given this chance to explore your passion and make a living out of it, but you chose to submerge under a sea of ignorance. Being a headliner for the most glorious festivals, signing with major agencies and record labels from the industry, giving interviews for the most renown publications, these are things that you could accomplish only if you would give a little bit more. What do you say? Are you willing to work for it? Are you ready to embrace the unknown, to sign the pact with the devil that is the assiduous work itself? To take action before the passion begins to crumble into pieces and you will no longer be capable to restore its initial state.

Bloom, grow and let your creative aura shine through even the darkest thoughts. Pursue what has always fascinated you and transform every bit of energy, be it good or negative, into something productive. Let those unspoken words cascade down from your mind to your fingers and, once again, pour your soul into the controller.

Photo: Mural Music & Arts Project