The 3 nights trip in the Big Red

by Sanaid

Russia had a lot ongoing this Spring already! Radu Mirica has recently been in a mini tour in three parts of Russia to scatter his well-known magic. Three days into the conservative eastern space seems in theory like a fun place to bring the edgy tunes and inspire the young minds of a different culture marked by a strong political environment, but let's hear it straight from Radu.

AC: Was it your first time in Russia and how did the people welcome you?

RM: First time in Rusia was two years ago, in Moscow exactly at Offshore Bar. The RROOM Promoter crew was amazing, so the people from this second trip also full of good energy.

AC: Tell us more about the scene you were able to attend and play for. The setting and how did you think the eastern youngsters received your genres?

RM: I’ve been in a lot of clubs, but some of them with low sound systems. All parties from the tour included powerful and proper sound systems. My ears were dancing :)) . About the crowd, I can say only one thing: I was thinking to myself that I will need at least three days to rest after I’ll get back to Romania but I was surprised to see how much love and great vibes was received from the crowd and how much this trip recharged me! Thank you guys again! <3

AC: With who did you share your set and how was this experience?

RM: I was playing alongside good artists, all of them from Russia: Dimitry JCB, V Ka, DJU, Anton N, L.P, Azrtu, 8bit, Alex P, Frost, Magic Voice, Sasha Mateev, Peter Zherebtsov, Sergey Koposov. To describe the experience I will only say that I want to do this again and again aaaand again! :))

AC: To summarize the whole tour in Russia, describe your best experience in the Russian Clubs. Did you get inspire by it?

RM: I had the chance to meet new people and to understand their clubbing scene. All crowds were very receptive to my sound and they send me good vibes, especially.

AC: If you were to compare from the eastern culture point of view, how do you think Russia's underground scene compares with the one in Romania?

RM: Good tastes in the underground music too. They also have long parties like us. :)

AC: We know you had gigs in Italy, Germany, France, Hungary and now in Russia, thus so many oppositions coming with the culture marked by different political sides... How do you think that affects the current generation? Also, how is the audience different in the west compared with the east and what brings them together?

RM: All the experiences were great for me. A bit hard to compare every trip but, what brings them all together is music for sure.

AC: Your latest mix with Nicvius was released two months ago. Do you plan a new collaboration in the near future and enchant the audience with a new release?

RM: A new release in collaboration with Enzo Leep, a good friend from Seville, Spain, was out on digital. We’ve been working a four tracks EP, every of them with different moods and different feelings.

AC: Apart from tours set in the international underground music scene, do have any project you currently work on? Maybe a new album?

RM: I’m working on a lot of new collaborations, and experimenting with a whole new range of sounds.

To wrap this up, it looks like our fella had a complex experience in an energetic setting, where he got the chance to mix for and be inspired by a super nice crowd and a few fellow guilds from the Russian underground electronic scene. Stay tune for more, for sure!

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