Sunwaves Festival – rewriting ancestral traditions

by the daydreamer

Once upon a time there was a nation that used all the work force it can get to get to the top. Although its dream has not yet been fulfilled, a break was indeed necessary. And so was born the 1st of May, the Romanian way, of course. A day where all the work force steps out of the office to celebrate the limited freedom it can get. Most of them chose to follow the smell of delicious traditional barbeque, invading the nonetheless few forests, while others found other recreative activities.

Lately, on the 1st of May, following the road to the Black Sea has become a normal thing for the youngsters who want to escape out of normality, as one of the coolest Underground Music festivals takes place: SunWaves Festival. It is a feeling no other place can give you, there, on the beach of Mamaia Nord: having the saltiness of the air infuse your lungs, while the music clutches with its power all of the senses. The dancing steps remain impregnated on the shore, leaving the chilliness of the sand from the night that has just passed to cool down the heat of the passion for music. This night was young and full of wonders, but the day does not let itself beaten up.

It has become a tradition, no matter what weather we encounter. This year we meet for the 23rd edition, from the 26th of April until the 1st of May. Pack the personal good vibes in your luggage and bring them with you. The rest will be taken care of, as per usual. Some of the best Underground artists, the closest friends, the sun, the waves, just like the name goes, that’s what you need to push the re-start button of your inner system.

Because, after all, we are all ephemeral just like a feather in the breeze and we might as well cherish the fun of the present moment in all of its glory, without any reasons to worry. That’s what our ancestors did in order to create long-lasting traditions and we cannot do anything but learn from them. From Sunrise until dawn, rays of sunshine shall reflect the souls that for five days will only exist under the same marine blue sky.

photo by Sunwaves