Summer in your soul: the Waha Experience

by the daydreamer

The weather outside has just started to warm up, so it seems natural that summer shall be already on our mind. And what would summer be without the festival season which, as the years passed, became its main characteristic form of celebration. We still have some time to spend in the urban turmoil, but until then, we can dream about the moments when we’ll have nothing with us, but the starry sky and the music to guide our souls.

The journey, thus, begins. We teleport ourselves in the peaceful, yet vibrant world of Waha. This is a festival that transmits an energy unlike any other, an artistic syncretism of everything that is pleasant to the eye and heart, with music, visuals, meditation, Yoga and other activities which are there to benefit the intrinsic aspect of life. In the county of Covasna, in the middle of a forest from a place almost forgotten by humanity, people dance and sing in the name of sharing the passion for colour and diversity. The rule is simple and as easy as it may seem, it is quite difficult to be followed by the new generation, the modern Millenials: to embrace their own selves and not be scared to show the entire world that they are made of stardust and good energy, but also to take care of the others’s wellbeing.

With eyes looking as if two eclipses decided to appear under the long lashes, they will gleam in the darkness of the night. Still, the moon and the stars will be there to protect the souls which will be dancing in the shadow of the branches. And the wind will be the only distracting noise from the harmony of the music. These sounds came to life only because of them, more than 200 artists who wanted to take part in the creation of the Waha Experience. If you want to find more information that will feed your appetite for knowledge, we advise you to visit the Waha Festival Facebook page or the Waha Festiva website.

All that there is left for you, now, is to procure the tickets and wait for it to start on the 12th of July. Then, take your Volkswagen van, paint in the chromatic of a beautiful rainbow and fill it with the persons that you care about the most and drive, guided by the sound of music. We will say nothing more, but you must know that Assonant Circles also has some surprises prepared for you. Check out our Facebook page and Agenda section on site in the next few days to find out what we are talking about and don’t forget to spread the peace!

photo by Luca Roxana Emilia @ Waha Festival