Romanians turned ON the OFF Week

by the Assonant Weasels

Every June, OFF Week in Barcelona is a time for promoters and label heads from all over the world to display what they offer in off key and historical locations around the city. From daytime disco to booming bass lines, from immersive audiovisual experiences to sunrise sets, the line-up alone should be reason enough to book your flight to Barcelona. One day you can get dazzled by a techno party Detroit-style and the next you can indulge yourself with the sweetest melodic sounds – like those blooming from Romania.

With so many brand new and different experiences, OFF Sónar Festival provided the perfect roller-coaster ride, which certainly exceeded all expectations. With a showcase of contrasting venues, impeccable artists and marvelous settings, its various stages, both indoor and outdoor, each offer a deeply engaging experience accompanied by the best audio and visual production and effects. What else would you expect from one of the world’s best electronic festivals?

As Barcelona is a city that never truly sleeps, it wouldn’t be particularly fair to say that it comes alive during Sonar. Rather, Barcelona is absolutely vibrating during the festival dates.

We are very proud that Romanian label [a:rpia:r] have confirmed an OFF Week show, which took place on Thursday, June 16, at a new stage on Parc Del Fòrum.

The Romanian crew hosted an awesome day party at the new 'Green Area' and we can assure it was one of a kind. There’s a certain aura that surrounds the music coming out of Romania and that aura could be felt and absorbed in Barcelona as well. Positioned at the front of this movement are Petre Inspirescu, Rhadoo and Raresh, collectively known as RPR Soundsystem, the illustrious trio whose international success and that of their [a :rpia:r] imprint have shone a light onto a world that for so long was positioned in the shadows. The Romanian only line-up was completed by Dan Andrei and Kozo, both of whom are highly reputed for being part of a new and fresh wave of Romanian underground music.

The showcase harnessed the energy of emotion and conveyed it through music only to resonate within the depths of human existence, to conjure emotion and to heighten consciousness levels.

Rominimal thrived during OFF Week. Apart from the [a:rpia:r] showcase, you could hear its melodic lines at other parties as well, such as the Fabric and Toi Toi showcase, where Rhadoo was a special guest alongside Herodot, Margaret Dygas and Craig Richards. Other notable appearances were SIT, Praslea, Cezar, Arapu, Priku or Sublee.

Feeling dark and gloomy for not going or not knowing about it? Worry not, OFF Week takes place every year – just make sure you book that ticket for next year!

Photo and story lines by our dear friend and colleague Grizzly.


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