Ricardo Villalobos - A Minimal Pioneer

Born in the heart of Chile in 1970, Ricardo Villalobos is certainly one of the pillars of the minimal genre and most resonant name in terms of minimal techno micro-house, a living legend that, despite the changing musical tendencies of the modern world, has managed to stay among the top preferences of the clubbers around the globe. 

By the age of 10, after he had already move to Berlin with his family, he started his musical journey by playing conga and bongos, falling irremediably in love with music. When 12, he started to buy his first records and got to DJ for the first time at a school party when he was 15. Being a musical prodigy, at the age of 17 he was already producing music in the style of Depeche Mode, one of his first sources of inspiration.

Villalobos can boast with a lengthy list of productions and remixes under his name, uniquely crafted, as he had become one of the main inspiration sources for the new generation of producers. There certainly have been some great pioneers to come before Ricardo and they no doubt paved the way, but if we are talking about pure musical talent and creativity as an artist, there are a few names who have ever came this close. With astounding improvisation skills and loads of creativity, his meteoric rise was truly incredible, as he never compromised his own sound in order to be more popular. His passion for music made him stand out, as he constantly feels the desire to move his audience and create an electric atmosphere every time he gets behind the controls.  

Ricardo's first visit in Romania in 2006 is still one of the key moments for the evolution of the ro-minimal sound, as the brought with him the abstract Berlin sound that inspired the local artists. At the afterparty of the event he played with Raresh, who did the warm-up for him, and got along so well that they have became close friends since then. 

Nowadays, Ricardo wants to focus on his family and musical production, not on getting more known, as fame was not something he was interested of anyway, his main goal being to be constantly surrounded by music and rhythm.

Down below, you can enjoy 1h30 of his latest performance in Bucharest, accompanied by his good friend Raresh, just like in the good old days.

Photo Credit: Max Miechowski