Rhadoo – A Veteran of the Underground

by Marc

When you are thinking about the founders of the Romanian Electronic Music scene, perhaps the first name that comes to your mind is composed of the well-known trio Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu and Raresh. Being the oldest of the three, Rhadoo is one of the first artists of the Romanian electronic scene, a true veteran who evolved along the scene and continuously shaped the sound of his own.

Radu Bogdan Cilinca, on his real name, was born in 1975 and made his musical debut at the age of 20, gathering with friends in various bars and playing for each other, as he was craving for a musical community, unknowingly being part of the birth of the Romanian electronic scene. Rhadoo's dedication got him some attention, as he began performing in well-known clubs of Bucharest such as Club A or Studio Martin. Even though the communist regime was a thing of the past, Rhadoo got into DJ-ing, it was still a difficult task to find records, so he had to travel to cities outside Romania, such as Budapest or Prague, to find record stores.

As time passed by, he became a well-known figure and in 2003 he was nominated the best Romanian DJ by MTV Romania Music Awards. Rhadoo has always been a selective person when it comes to music, hating pretty much everything trendy from the Romanian mainstream music industry, this being a strategy that made him appreciated more and more - touring Europe for gigs was something of his monthly agenda, playing in countries like Germany, Russia and being resident in renowned clubs such as DC10 in Ibiza.

Around 2006, he drastically changed his style, switching from house to a deeper and more metallic sound. In the same year, with the help of his close friends, Raresh and Petre Inspirescu, the [a:rpia:r] project came to life, building the foundation of the renowned "Romanian Sound". Not many people know that he has a few pseudonyms that he uses such as Nea Marin, Adsum or Colorhadoo.

Since then, Rhadoo became an adept of a very technical and dark style of minimal, mastering it better than nobody else and being able to teleport his audience into a twisted universe of intelligent sounds.

Photo: AviMag

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