by Par Anormala

The end of 2018 is nearly upon us and it is the time of year to celebrate, a time of sharing joy and spreading the warmth of kindness and reflect. Let’s take a look back at the stories that shaped an extraordinary year for our development as an underground booking agency and made us proud of our evolution but most of all of our artists, in a chronological let’s say order:

First thing worth mentioning is our collab with our friends from Pisica which brought the Romanian underground scene in France. Although we were not there to live it, we’ve had the opportunity to see it through our artist’s eyes (Radu Mirica), who played for a crowd formed of hundreds of music lovers, in one of the most beautiful European capitals.

Another trip that overwhelmed us was the one that Microlab took in Chengdu, China. He traveled far beyond the boundaries of Europe, only to reach the Far East and play to a culture he had never previously been exposed to. We know the best rewards an artist can get are love and appreciation, which obviously he had a lot of when the crowd started to shout, whistling his entering on stage.

Moreover, to continue with our best experience from this year, which was certainly that we had the privilege of attending one of the most salient art festivals that our country has to offer –the WAHA Festival! We've been so enthusiastic about the fact that we, the Assonant Circles family, had the opportunity to be part of this magical tale, alongside six of our talented artists who brought moments of joy and pure bliss in peoples’ hearts at the alternative stage. We cannot wait for next year’s electrifying edition and yes, we enjoyed it sooooo much that we are going to do it again for sure ;)

However when life gives you lemons it hits you also with alongside these magical moments that this year had to give us we’ve also had a unfortunate experience at Sunset Festival where we encountered some issues... which of course had a negative impact on us and left us pretty nervous and tired after finishing. But hey, bad juju doesn’t last forever so we came back stronger, learned from our mistakes and evolved.

Moving back to our artists and to the bright side again, we should tell you that we always encourage our artists to travel abroad, play their music on different scenes, meet new people and altogether come back home enriched with new experiences meant to teach and shape us into a better way as an agency and as part of this family.

So, when it comes to moving crowds and keeping the parties bumpin’ Subit never disappointed us. We love the music he plays, it touches you every time you listen to it. He traveled for the first time to France where he shared the decks with Priku, Saar and other great artists at the ORGAN:K party that took place in an abandoned warehouse close to the suburbs of Paris. Speaking of Paris, we welcomed our friend and artist Saar in the Assonant family and he proudly represented us at Polaris Festival in Switzerland. Quite a journey, huh? Not to mention, R107's Corsican adventure where he played his set at A Bandita in Corsica organized by our friends at Sound Travel Records and got the crowd ecstatically dancing...

To continue with, we are so enthusiastic about the fact that we started recently a fresh, new collab with The Lab which turned our first party together on the 1’st of December into a complete blast! We are sure it is just the beginning of something greater, and looking forward for the next ones!

At the same time, due to the fact that we love to better ourselves each and every day we send our artists „back to school” to obtain their DJ license at DJ High Way- the best place for Dj’s and we couldn’t be more proud about it. And there many more things that we would like to mention but it would take forever to put into words so to keep it short, we want to thank every and each one of you, wholeheartedly, for your contribution to our journey through 2018!

2019 is just around the corner and yes, we have made our NY resolutions and we are ready to take on the new year by it’s horns and surprise you even more! Thank you once again to everyone and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you in 2019 ;)

photo by : Par Anormala

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