Radu Mirica and the marvelous musical memories from Italy

by the daydreamer

There are places on this magical Earth of ours that have the ability to become a nest of fascinating talent inflorescences. And as the transition from one place to another happens, the discovery of both terrestrial surrounding and oneself occurs. For the exemplification of this phenomenon we were glad to have our acolyte, Radu Mirică, work his wonders in the mysterious land of Italy. Two nights in a row, he stood up to the musical starving crowd, alongside other Underground delegates, and he revealed some of his adventures in the following written lines.

Assonant Circles: Hello, Radu! It seems like you are very busy these days and we could not be more proud because you are part of our team. You told us about your wonderful experience in Paris and now you have just returned from the picturesque Italy. It was the first time?

Radu Mirică: Yes, first time in Italy.

A.C.: Given the bad weather we have experienced lately, was the trip ok?

R.M: The trip was a bit complicated, but in the end we arrived home safe.

A.C.: Regarding the reason you were there, which was to play music, how would you describe the atmosphere?

R.M.: The atmosphere was well. I actually expected it to be like this because Italians are very welcoming people and so I was not disappointed. On the contrary, they made us feel as if we belonged there, which was very nice.

A.C.: As far as we know, you played in two clubs, two nights in a row. Can you describe a little bit from each one?

R.M.: I was playing b2b with Sorin in both of the nights. First one was in Pescara. I had a lot of fun and it seems like the crowd received our story. The second party took place in Isernia, where we did a progressive trip.

A.C.: Were there moments you encountered problems?

R.M.: Not really. I can admit that everything moved faster than I expected, somehow.

A.C.: Regarding the organizers, do you think we can adopt something from them?

R.M.: I can recommend the guys, anytime. They were very welcoming and generous in both of the places.

A.C.: What would you say about the other foreign artists at the party? Is there any difference in their style from the Romanian Underground?

R.M.: I truly appreciate their good tastes in music. I actually can say that is maybe similar to ours. The same thing applies to the organizers, them being very friendly.

A.C.: Such experiences are made of moments to remember, so as we asked you in the previous interview, if you had to choose only one moment to remember, what would it be?

R.M.: The entire journey was an experience to remember. My eyes witnessed beautiful places and traditions, indeed.

A.C.: After your adventures, would you say you prefer the Romanian environment or the Italian one?

R.M.: I could not pick a favorite because both of them are good in their own way.

The grounds of Italy rhythmed in a way they have never done before thanks to Radu Mirică and his motivation to prospere into the international Underground scene. He returned with good vibes, marvelous memories and positive energy for the forthcoming trips.

photo by Club Zero11