Radu and the London vibes

by PineappleXPRS

It is our pleasure to sit and talk with our artists after coming back from an adventure in another country. A new experience and a new story to tell every time! This time Radu Mirica shared with us his experience in the UK and we are happy to share it with you:

A.C.: So to begin with, we hope you had a great experience during the event at 512 in London! First time?

RM: Hello guys. It was the second time for me in London. I played again two years ago in the winter, at the same club but for different promoters.

A.C.: Great! Moreover, since we are curious we have to ask you, how do you find London then?

RM: London is always great! A big city full of life and a loooot of things to do.

A.C.: Nice! Who did you share your set with at 512 and how did you get along with them?

RM: I was playing alongside my friend Mihai Pol, and residents Timoti brothers did the warm up.

A.C.: How about the crowd? How did they receive your set?

RM: The people there know how to party and they're in love with our Romanian sounds, they know how to appreciate it and the atmosphere was insane, everyone at the party was dancing the whole night.

A.C.: Last but not least, was there anything special or different about the event that you would like to see implemented at parties here, in Romania?

RM: The special thing was seeing a lot of friends from London and also from Romania, there at the venue. I felt like I was home.

A.C: Thank you Radu for your time and for sharing with us details from your time in London!

Photo by: Anca Fil

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