R107's Swiss adventure

by the daydreamer

It may sound like an odd matter of speech, but in our vision, the comparison that suits the Underground artist is one of a nomad. Packing his suitcase full of hopes and dreams, he founds a new way to both self-re-creation and the discovery of the outside world by breaking the geographical boundaries. One experience worth mentioning is that of R107s, who was kind to share his adventure in Switzerland with us.

A.C.: Hey there and happy belated Easter! Hope you had a great one and also a great experience during the event in Switzerland, for which we are so grateful you accepted to share a few words with us. First things first: Was it your first time there?

R107: Yes, it was my first time in Switzerland and i absolutely loved it and I will return this summer!

A.C.: And as avid travelers, we cannot omit to ask you how did you find the town of Lausanne? How were the people and the place itself?

R107: A beautiful town with old architecture and nice color schemes. I actually didn’t manage to visit a lot, but from what I’ve seen, it pleased my eyes. The people tend to be a bit cold in general, but the team that took care of us are amazing people and really full of energy!

A.C.: Ok, then. Let’s go back to our area of expertise. Who did you share your set with? How did you get along with them?

R107: Well, I’ve shared the decks with my good companion, Radu, who played after me and also with David (Imm), the guy responsible with the live set and part of the Promoters team.

A.C.: What about the audience? How did it receive your genres?

R107: This genres of music was actually something new for them, as they are usually used to more aggressive stuff, like techno, but surprisingly they actually received it very well. I could see the big smiles on their faces!

A.C.: Can you describe the atmosphere in a few words?

R107: At the beginning, it was soft as people were just getting warmed for the party. After a while, when the club filled up, people started smiling and dancing and talking about the music. The party had a warm progressive atmosphere.

A.C.: We also like to be a little bit sneaky and take a peek behind the scenes. Can you tell us a little bit about how the event was planned? Did everything went as you expected?

R107: The event took place in an old cinema that looked a bit like Kristal Bucharest, but much smaller. At the beginning, we had some issues with one of the cd players, but it was due to a broken cable. They’ve switched it and after that, everything went smooth. We had a nice Funktion One sound system and good monitors, plus the acoustics of the room was very good. The whole trip exceeded all my expectations!

A.C.: Was there something special about the event that you would like to see implemented in parties here in Romania?

R107: The promoters team was truly amazing and they took care of us in detail, from the beginning to the end of our Swiss journey and for that, they’ve convinced me to return this summer! I think promoters should pay more attention to details, as it would make both sides more happier! <3

And so it’s been and we are sure there will be more of these trips into fairy-tale realms, as we are sure that night follows the day and vice-versa. Life is full of unexpected trips and it’s important to cherish them, but also let the others know how important they are to our growth.

photo by Tibi Ionut


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