R107’s Corsican Endeavours

by pineappleXPRS

New places, new experiences and meeting new people make us grow and at the same time maybe understand the world a little bit better. That is why we always encourage our artists to travel abroad, play music in different sceneries and altogether come back home enriched with a new experience. So we, as always, are excited to hear what they have to say. This time, R107 traveled to Corsica and he was more than happy to share his experience with us:

A.C.: First things first: Welcome back home! Hope you had a great experience during the event in Corsica! Was it your first time there?

R107: Thank you, glad to be back! It was indeed the best experience I’ve had so far and yes, it was my first time.

A.C.: Moreover, since we are curious we have to ask you, how did you find Corsica? How are the locals and the island itself?

R107: Corsica is the island where Napoleon Bonaparte was born. It is an amazing place and not very known to the public. I think they like to keep it a bit low profile, in order to preserve the island. The locals seem to be very relaxed.

A.C.: Great! Now, back to our bubble of expertise: Who did you share your set with and how did you get along with them?

R107: I shared my set with more than 200 people and they absolutely loved it! There were people of all ages and they all seemed enjoying it, including myself!

A.C.: What about the atmosphere and crowd? How did they receive your set?

R107: The overall vibe was very energetic and the crowd was so responsive to my music that it made me feel very relaxed. They loved it from the beginning to the end.

A.C.: So, let’s get behind the scenes. Can you tell us a little bit about how the event, the planning and the venue A Bandita? Did it rise up to your expectations?

R107: The event was hosted by the guys from Sound Travel Records, more exactly by my good friend Julien, which I met in Paris last year and with the help of his friends. The venue was incredible, handcrafted wood, placed above the beach and with direct sight to sunset/sunrise. By far the nicest venue I’ve had the chance to play at.

A.C.: Last but not least, was there anything special or different about the event that you would like to see implemented at parties here, in Romania?

R107: Yes, more venues like A Bandita and also there is something that I have noticed. The people, they seemed to be united, like a family. Julien’s group was like a big family, doing everything together, taking care one of each other. This is what I want to do, to make people understand that only if we unite, we can do such amazing things!

A.C: Well, thank you for sharing your amazing experience with us and we can’t wait to hear from your future endeavors!

Photo by: Sound Travel Records