Putting the Sun in SUNset Festival

by the Assonant Weasels

If you love a music festival, then you’ll be stoked about this news. If the seaside is your soft spot, then we know we can count on you for this one, 'cause Assonant goes to Sunset Festival!

Having reached its sixth edition, Sunset Festival is already a well-established event in the most packed month of the summer season in Vama Veche. This is the first time the festival is featuring an electronic music stage, which will go under the name of Assonant stage, proudly curated by us, powered by our friends at Vitamin Aqua and designed to showcase an exceptional line up of artists.

Sunset Festival has always delivered eclectic, yet complementary experiences. Traditionally bringing together DnB, dubstep and hip-hop, this year remains fundamentally eclectic, expanding to more musical genres from the electronic playground. The playground we are so fond of.

From Friday night to Monday morning, expect nothing short of mesmerizing – the music will tune your spirit, the sun will tenderly touch your soul and the fine sand will make you want to endlessly dance under the starry skies.

We are sure you all know and love Vitamin Aqua, the ones who take care about our well being while we are busy having fun. They pursue to make the daily intake of vitamins and minerals an enjoyable and convenient experience. They believe in our vision thus supporting us in our seaside adventure and we are extremely grateful for this.

In the meantime, here’s a set prepped by Subit to get you in the right mood. Join the event and wait for news. We’re gonna have some fun this summer!

See you on the sandy dance floor!

Assonant Stage @ Sunset Festival

Artwork: Valeriu Catalineanu