One day in the shoes of a promoter

by Par Anormala & Sof

Anybody can host an event. But hosting one right? That's another story.

In theory, the ingredients required for a party are simple: venue, sound, performers, people, maybe some cool lights. But bringing these simple elements together harmoniously is not a straightforward task.

We wanted to see how a day in the shoes of a promoter goes so we talked with Mariusesti, artist and promoter at the same time.

A.C. Hello Marius! We're delighted to finally talk to you. You are a well known event promoter for the underground scene; how long have you been a promoter and how did you get into it?

M. This summer Wise Guys (actual Wise) celebrates the 7th anniversary and 8 years since I organized my first party, a pool party in a hot Wednesday during summer. We had Pitiq, Voi Cu and Opt as guests and we’ve had 330 dancing souls attending this event. The party was so crazy that the venue where the party took place remained alcohol-free at the middle of the event :))

In short terms It was a complete blast!

A.C. We know you are an artist as well, a sneak peak behind the scenes…tell us how WISE was born? And how did you start playing music too?

M. I wanted to host events because I love music and the vibes you get when you hear and feel it. My first party was in 2006, 13 years ago since then I've started to know how the underground feels. Returning to the subject, I started Wise Guys with 2 friends of mine in June 2012 when we had our first event ever that crazy party I was telling you about. Although in the last 13 years I was close to music, my first attempt as a dj was in 2017, to be more specific on January 1st, I placed my hands on a couple of players and I swear it felt like home - it was “love at first glance".

A.C. What is the best part about your work?

M. The fact that I can make so many people happy. The smiles, the laughter, the dance, the joy! You can feel the vibes so deeply and powerful; trust me seeing and feeling this energy makes your soul dance inside your body.

A.C. What’s the most challenging scenario you’ve faced as a promoter? How did you overcome it?

M. To be honest, all this years of hosting events had plenty of ups and downs, but the first one that came into my mind... hmm, it was last year, on the MNAC terrace, when I was told two hours before the party that the photographer wouldn't be coming. I took action and replaced the photographer in a minute. In this world you should always be prepared and expect the unexpected.

A.C. With all the parties and events you attend, how do you relax, how do you get away from it all?

M. I love to travel and discover new places, I'm an "nature addict" so every time I have the chance I run away from the city noise straight to the mountains to enjoy the simplicity of the wilderness. I'm an active person so sport is on my to do list and of course everything I do I do it with a background of music. I listen to music all the time, it's my biggest addiction.

A.C. Three main things that you would definitely need to organize an event? Any advice?

M. Three of my secret ingredients: passion, ambition and vision.

A.C. Pick one fast: indoor or outdoor events? Why?

M. Definitely outdoor events. You can literally touch the freedom!

A.C. We know you’ve shared the decks with some great names like Herodot, Arapu, Cap, Mihai Pol, Sepp, Nu Zau and many others. How does it feels like? Does it have any impact upon your own performances as an artist?

M. It was a dream that came true. It's a special feeling to share the decks with artists that inspired me to become one of them.

A.C. Your next event? We know that WISE episodes were a complete blast, any chance to host more?

M. First of all, thanks for the beautiful words and stay tuned… our first WISE episode on 2019 will happen soon, more specifically, once the Spring comes so are we!

A.C. Thank you for being part of this month's experience, we wish you all the best in the future and we’re looking forward to hearing more from you!

M. I also want to thank you guys for this. Peace & much love! And brace yourself guys! Spring is coming <3

Photo by Wise