Music or other stuff?

Raves have always been sites to let go and lose yourself and a great night out can often be a happy blur. Some people hit these heights sober, lifted by music and the spirit on the dance floor. For others, alcohol and other substances play a very important part....

More and more people have started to attend underground parties and this is both a good and a bad thing. More people became interested in this type of events, as the community grows bigger everyday, talented artists make themselves known and quality tracks get to see the light. It seems that it is a flourishing time for parties to take place.

However, not everyone attends these events for the sake of music or to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere among their friends. There are some individuals out there that do not desire a musical experience and made a habit out of seeking euphoric substances in order to have a good time, finding them being the main objective of the night...

Moreover, these are also the people who usually ruin the good energy of the party, being quickly labeled as intruders that are not welcome among the music lovers. It would seem that the best solution would be to not let these individuals in, but most of the time it is quite hard to tell who came for the music and who came for something else.

Not even a well-trained eye can detect the true intentions of the ones waiting in line and usually everyone manages to get in somehow, as most of the time the financial interests of the event promoters prevail over the desire to maintain a good atmosphere.

Can you prevent people from seeking different substances? Not really... clubs are being known as a good place to look for consciousness-expanding materials, but it is also the duty of clubs to discourage this type of "quest" and to try being less of a playground for "treasure hunting" and more of a safe-house for the underground music lovers that find it harder to enjoy themselves while being surrounded by more and more intruders who missed the underground essence.

The Londoner