Microlab and the Chinese quest

by Skoitch

Microlab has travelled far beyond the boundaries of Romania, only to reach the Far East and play his music to a culture he had never previously been exposed to. Upon his return from Chengdu, China, he dropped by to have a chat about how it all went down.

A.C. Welcome back! We bet you’re feeling tired, but we’re also sure the trip was worth it. How would you describe your Chinese experience in three words?

Micro: Hi, Thank you! Indeed it was, but as you said, definitely worth it! I didn’t feel the flight because of the emotions. I mean I was going to have a gig in one of the oldest civilisations in the world; all I knew and saw about China was in the movies.

A.C. How come you landed the gig there?

Micro: It was a big surprise for me, I had the email about 2 days in my inbox, I thought it was a spam or something, until I was curious about it and I decided to open it one month ago. I was really amazed how much love they had and have for my work and the effort that they had put in to have me over there. They knew everything about me, about my productions.

A.C. Tell us a bit about the Chinese electronic music and club culture. Are they similar to what we know or do they offer a totally different experience?

Micro: Well, another big surprise for me. As I said to my manager, the Chinese electronic music scene and ours are so alike! They have the same fights over there as we do, but at another level.

The DJ who did the warmup for me sounded so similar to Amorf that when he played one of his tracks at the beginning, one with violin and piano sounds, I was so amazed because the sound was the right one. The sound that we are used to and that we love so much. That’s when my dancing shoes came out of the closet and started moving.

Indeed they have their own sound but the micro scene is not very different form ours.

The clubs, well, that’s a another story. The fight between the underground clubs is exactly as in our country, that hate but the way the clubs look are exactly like in the movies. I remember they had a sound engineer all night following the parameters, they had a VJ team - for them everything needs to be perfect!

The sound check was supposed to happen at 7 pm. When I got over there they were still working at the club, outside, inside, a big and a lovely young team. Cables everywhere, painting, by my interview at 9pm, everything was ready!

A.C. What was the crowd like? Did you feel a connection to them while playing?

Micro: The crowd? Again, same as us I was really amazed how many people loved my work. I remember that, and this will always stay in my heart, a guy from the team told me that I need to get ready, so I went to the DJ booth. Well, that’s when things changed - the crowd started to shout, and whistle and clapping my entering on stage.

Crazy as us, smiling, dancing and feeling the emotions.

A.C. How was the whole trip as opposed to what you were expecting? Did it meet your expectations, did it exceed them? Were you taken by surprise?

Micro: The trip? It was crazy - so many memories, great memories, new friends.

It was funny as usual because of my tattoos and beard I always had problems at the security. I was the only European in the flight from Amsterdam to Chengdu, can you imagine that? At the security check they thought that my passport was fake, they took my fingerprints twice, they asked a lot of questions and on the Amsterdam airport the anti-tero team checked me.

When I arrived in the waiting area in the Chengdu Airport, I was expecting to have a driver who will wait for me with a paper and my name on it. Instead, I had 3 amazing guys who took care of me all the way, they shout my name, I got that warm warm and friendly hug. They always smile and they are very friendly people! I felt so little when I was in town, everything is at another level over there and I will definitely go back. They don’t use cash to pay, they do everything with an app, everything is moving on fast forward.

At 12pm, the club was already full and they like going from club to club.

I remember at our table I had some guys from Kazakhstan, Mongolia, amazing guys as well, very friendly. I can say now I have a lot of friends over there.

A.C. And now, speaking of the future - are you planning a trip back there or just sticking to the Old Continent? :)

Micro: I had a chat with the team and they will expect me back, this time as Micrescu live, with my friend Daescu. They said that they want to make me popular over there, so I will go back every time. I got 10 days on my visa, but to be honest I wanted to stay a few more so I could have time to visit all the temples and discover much more. I’ll leave that for next time.

I want to thank the Echo Retro team and the booking agency A Dose of Joy for all the good care and the love!

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We’re very happy for Microlab - we know the best rewards an artist can get are love and appreciation. Also, when these come in the form of an awesome trip - then the reward are even bigger. And we bet we’ll have a bunch of similar stories coming from him in the future!

video: A Dose ofJoy