„Let us all unite!” in the name of Underground

by the daydreamer

This article is not a lesson of grammar, but one of trust and reliability, from which we hope you will learn to respect one another as individuals that take in the Underground industry. You chose it to guide your career path, but sometimes you should overcome those professional goals and concentrate on the personal aspect of it. We’re all humans, we have feelings and principles and the one thing which should not be done is to step on dead bodies.

Did you sign the pact with Mefisto, the one who promised you to be the best in the domain of organizing events only if you behave unscrupulous? Working your way to the top should not be done like this. As a Promoter, the goal is to bring people together, no matter if they are an audience or your own colleagues, who are making the same efforts as you. Aren’t you tired of trying to always be the first? Here is a simple example of what we mean: You saw that X Agency placed its event on the 32nd of Electronuary. You choose the same date and do whatever it takes to sign with better artists so no one will show at their party. Instead of creating a friendly and super tied community here, in Romania, where the Electronic Underground started, creating fissures has become the main goal.

On a more positive note, we look outside of the boarders, in a place that knew how to reap the benefits from its renown: Ibiza. There, the owners of the most established clubs on the island meet once a month only to set the dates of the events so they will not overlap. That is what we call respect for one another! And for that, we understand why you want to expand internationally. But the Romanian audience also needs you. Not to focus on disloyal competition, contra-events, monopoly of the industry of organizing events, but to make them happy and enjoy the good vibes. And by doing this, you can also attract more international fellows who would come because they know that Romania is the land where Electronic Underground was born.

It may not sound appropriate that this comes from the speech of Charlie Chaplin interpreting Adolf Hitler, but oh, how meaningful are these words in need of empowerment: „Let us all unite! Let us fight for a new world, a decent world!” May we fight together, then, for a better future of our beloved Underground.

photo by Romanian Club Culture