Keep the underground alive

by the Assonant Weasels

Romanian people are festive by nature, perfectly capable of turning every day into a joyful one! The large amount of parties and festivals that take place throughout the year, especially in the summertime, increases year by year. Unfortunately more doesn’t always mean better. Music festivals have grown from nothing to a sizable industry and lately there are just too many festivals and parties across the country; it seems every single park or green space has a festival now.

While the first festivals were undeniably about peace, love and connection nowadays they are far more about trends, ignorance and quick profit. As well as the number, the nature of festivals has also changed dramatically. After participating at several events this summer, a question started to haunt us : Why are new festivals collapsing? There are always “a few” festivals that either close down, collapse or go bankrupt each year. Every time one shuts down, two others emerge and perhaps that might be the problem.

There is a concern that the market has become over saturated and will plateau as a growing number of people try their hand at running a festival, seeing it as an easy ticket to riches not taking into consideration the music and dance community . In any event, the sense of community is crucial. In a world with so many polarizing forces, a party or a music festival is one of the few places you can feel perfectly connected to everyone around you. Deep down its all about enjoying the sense of community and embracing human emotions at its happiest. So if you dont think about that first then guaranteed you are running towards failure.

We are not saying that organizing an event is hard or easy, it really depends on the nature of it but here are some tips for those who wish to make a quality event:

First and most important: The vibes you're sending out. Energy is contagious and the audience you attract is a huge indicator on the success and failure of a festival. So be careful on which market segment you want to appeal to.

Second is the location, which is also crucial. If you want to be succesful the location should be easily accesible.

Third point: The festival’s date; you must think about a date that will allow most people to attend. Any festival organizer would be insane to plan an event at the same time with several other bigger events that have already been announced.

Logistics!! The bread and butter of any music festival or party. You need to allocate a healthy amount of time to plan all the technicalities of a large-scale event and make sure you are providing a safe and secure environment.

When it comes to investment, prioritizing the budget is essential. You get what you put into it, which means what you choose to invest will result into the festival’s success or failure, so be careful and plan accordingly your budget.

Another thing you should consider is the entry fee. When thinking about a ticket price take into consideration that the price will reflect the quality of the festival. You really do want people to say „that was worth the price and more” believe us!

Marketing. It may be last on our tips list but be sure that it is the point that brings all above together. Promoting your event has to have an honest and enticing marketing execution that reflects the festival’s unique point of selling. Ultimately, the best marketing is positive feedback from the event’s attendees. However you must have your Marketing plan on point from start to finish.

Although we listed 7 tips it doesn't mean that the list ends here. Hosting a festival, on a small or large scale, is not without risks and costs. A successful event can enhance the underground community’s reputation the same way as a less-than-successful effort or outright failure can do just the opposite.

So where do you, as an attendee, come into the equation? Simple: it takes the effort of every single person involved in an event, from the promoter down to each attendee to keep the underground alive. Yes, you and everyone else around you at the event, are an integral and key part of the underground music&dance movement. Your action or inaction have a big role in the growth and expansion of the scene you love and are a part of.

Therefore, do your part in keeping the underground scene alive and we will learn to evolve besides you and provide a better quality to each event.

Better line-ups, improved productions, improved festival conditions and so on will be the answer to your enjoyment.

Photo by: Anca Filipescu

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