Is the Underground Scene Becoming Corrupted?

by Underground Artist

It seems that lately, the underground scene gained a power which not so many people believed in at first. In the beginning, there were just a few who felt inspired by the underground electronic movement, but in no time their number increased and a new trend appeared - the pure underground essence was slowly lost in favor of gaining the status of being “cool” or, moreover, getting acquainted to the DJs and promoters so that free access and backstage were guaranteed. Hopefully, you cannot relate to that, but unfortunately, we are talking here about the majority.

The problem is that nowadays, there is less interest into the music itself and more interest into making more money by using it... Many promoters focus on the popularity of one artist instead of the quality of his music and this leads to a general frustration of the artists - we all know artists that show great amounts of talent but they are not so well known, making it difficult for them to show off their musical skills at gigs. On the other hand, the same notorious names of the scene are being boosted over and over, newcomers being something rarely seen and exceptional, many of them having some higher contacts that provide them with a small boost.

As a strong competition does not exist, some agencies use this to their advantage and raise their fees along with the artist fees, forcing the promoters to comply because they does not really have other choices to choose from due to popularity issues. However, with the rise of the streaming platforms, upcoming artists have the opportunity to expose their musical visions to the ones listening at home, as some of them already managed to obtain some gigs that lead their way to success.

The music industry has never been a playground of the "nice kids only", so if you want to succeed as an artist or promoter, you must have a very clear image of how the scene you belong to works and moreover, what it takes to achieve your goals without making any compromises. One shall not forget that underground is about the vibe, about transmitting a subtle message through harmonious sounds that are meant to lead directly to the heart, so if you care more for the money and not for the music, maybe your place should not be in Underground.

Photo: Tenement TV

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