Is Originality a Thing Anymore?

Today’s music industry is crowded with deejays. With some help from the internet and social media, there has never been a better time for electronic music producers to bloom overnight. However, many among them complain that they are being stuck on the road to success, but in many cases that is because they have failed to come up with something different enough to draw the attention of the scene. People will always react to originality – the trait of being inventive, unconventional or different – it is the contrast between a painting of Van Gogh and a printed copy of it that can be found in a home decor store.

If you are a producer and this sounds familiar to you, we have prepared a couple of tips that may change your vision on the matter. If you are not into making music, maybe you have a friend that does, so you could help him out if he is stuck on his way up!

Many artists have tried to break the ice by mimicking others, but after some time they designed their own style just as nature designed unique traits for each one of us. Instead of just making edits and tracks that bring nothing new to the table, producing your own tracks may really help your listeners understand your "musical persona" - the moment when you produce a tune, there is only one person in control of its harmony and style and that is you!

A set packed with your own compositions stamps your performance with individuality and that is a powerful tool to possess. Nobody said that it is easy to create unique tracks, but learning the steps and manifesting your own musical voice will not only improve your sets, but also introduce you to new audiences. Let the world meet your true self and certainly you will discover people that resonate with you.

Do you have your own musical ideas? Do you have something that is yours only and you can be identified with? Or are you just a clone of the artists around you? The intention of this article is not to criticize deejays who do not produce unique tracks, but to encourage those who do. We are encouraging them to step forward, to create, to show the world their true colors, to be raw and authentic.