Indoor vs. Outdoor

The season of indoor parties has arrived and we find ourselves a little bit melancholic, thinking about all those endless nights that turned to mornings, feeling the freedom given by dancing under the sky, seeing the rising sun and feeling the sea breeze.

But which one do we like the most? Dancing outside under the sky? Or being inside in the comfort? The topic of indoor versus outdoor parties is not a very debated one, but we are here to compare the two of them and pick a winner!

First of all, at an outdoor event you can take a break without having to leave the party. You can lay down in the grass, watch the starry sky and let the music take over your senses. You can connect with nature, inhale some fresh air while losing yourself to dance. Also, in the case of an outdoor event, it is easier to impress the crowd with a spectacular venue rather than a dark club.

The space will always be an important aspect for the party-goers. Depending on the size of the event, this may not be a problem at all: every indoor venue has a maximum capacity, but this is never an issue when we are talking about outdoor events, as the air is fresher and everybody can dance freely. However, during the colder months, a lot of indoor venues experience a higher demand that may result in a crowded dance floor, which is definitely not enjoyable.

Inside a club, the comfort of the crowd is easier to achieve - there will always be bathrooms, air conditioning or heating when needed. Moreover, the weather will never be an issue when you are surrounded by 4 walls, but when the weather outside is just perfect, staying inside may be a little disappointing.

After all the arguments above, it is time to choose a winner, but the truth is there is no winner. Each can be the perfect solution for a particular situation and it is up to you to decide where you feel better!