Hey mom, I'm on TV!

by Skoitch

Maybe not exactly the dream line to say to your parents after a great festival or party, right?

Going back a bit in time and you see yourself counting the days left to packing your stuff and heading out towards your holiday, for the long awaited break from mundane life. You look forward to meeting your friends, chilling on the beach, listening to that favourite artist who plants some hardcore stuff in his set and welcoming the sunrise with a big smile on your face.

And there you are - in the land of joy and sorrow, escaping from the boring prospects of reality or simply absorbing the magic that surrounds the festival. While being at it, at some point, you might end up sliding into someone else’s story, captured by an evil eye that’s nothing but an intruder looking to begrime your own story. And when you’ve drafted such a wonderful one, why should it be ruined by some who don’t understand the music or its vibrant way of moving you on the invisible waves it creates.

So, don’t let someone else’s failures become your own. Watch your steps, don’t forget that there’s a different world beyond the boundaries of a festival, one that may not be as grateful to the fantasy universe we managed to create. Our world is full of acceptance, joy and empathy. Let’s do our best to keep it this way for the sake of music. And for the sake of each other. For that feeling you get when you dance in the company of the rising sun and groovy tunes.

photo by Romanian Club Culture