Going back to the roots, France and the future. A Microlab interview.

by The Assonant Weasels

Having played at many underground & major events worldwide, Microlab has developed a full understanding of the flow and the energies of each dance floor, embracing flexibility in terms of "styles". Through his innovative sets, he is able to interact personally with each dance floor, taking the audience on a trans-formative journey.

Freshly returned from the Organ:k opening, we seized the opportunity to understand the Parisian experience through Microlab's eyes, as well as getting curious about a bunch of stuff.

A.C: Can you give us a short description of your musical style?

Micro: Firstly, thank you for having me back for another interview. I like to introduce emotions in my production. Between the minimal house, micro house and analogic sound, there needs to be a spark, the one that hits your soul and it awakes that childhood happiness that will bring a pure smile on your face.

A.C: What got you started as a DJ?

Micro: In my home entourage I had a friend who was, and still is, a drum and bass DJ, so I started going to many festivals and electronic music events. I started to want to pass on my feelings but in my own way, and so I got here. Well, of course - after much work at and with myself, until discovering my sound and the ability to communicate my feelings through tracks.

A.C: What do you try to communicate to the audience through your work?

Micro: It's a simple but so complex question. For me it's more than happiness, it's the energy experience that sends the public back to me. A sincere smile and twinkle in the eyes of a person in the audience is energy food for me.

Through my work I try to send emotion. I think that music has to be felt not understood. When we can not find words, music can be the easiest way to communicate with each other from where I stand.

A.C: I know that you played for the first time in France, at the Organ:k club opening. How would you describe your French experience? What's the difference between the Romanian music culture and the French one?

Micro: I haven’t found yet the words to describe what I felt but I can tell you it was emotional and vibrant... We all know that the Romanian underground genres are so popular abroad and many artist have inspired from and even adopted this style. So, things are not so different from what happens in our lovely Romy :)). However, things have changed a bit when Fatzo boarded a live act that included many analog devices.

A.C: What does it take to be a good DJ these days?

Micro: Besides a lot of work, it takes dedication and a lot of family setbacks, friends, PR, the desire to succeed and well, of course, to do it for pleasure and to be humble.

A.C: Which do you prefer, performing live or working in the studio?

Micro: Working in the studio is something special, the studio is like Batman’s cave. But I would definitely choose a live performance, actually I’m getting ready and learning to do only live acts in the future.

A.C: How would you describe your own development as an artist?

Micro: I’m still learning with every step I take, it’s like starting to climb a mountain, the further you go it gets harder and harder but when you take that break to breathe, you see were you are. It’s really important to take a break and analyse the situation. Step by step, but safe.

A.C: Tell me one thing that people don’t know about you.

Micro: I have a little son @ home, he will be 7 years old in July. <3

A.C: Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career.

Micro: An accomplishment was when I signed with Assonant - that was a big step for me.

A.C: Who are your biggest influences and idols ... and why?

Micro: Raresh, Guti, Premiesku, Cezar… I’ve felt in love with the energy that they transmit when they are in front of an audience but not only. I’ve had the chance to meet Raresh in the UK and he’s exactly the way you see him. First it’s the emotion and the energy and after that come the tracks.

A.C: Tell us more about the Organ:k crew. We would like to take a look behind the scenes, can you tell us some inside details?

Micro: They are a well-defined team. I felt great, I did not feel excluded. I was treated as one of theirs. There were no differences between me and the other artists. They were omnipresent and took care not to miss anything throughout my stay in Paris. A young and strong team, each with well-established attributions. I can't wait to meet them again, and see how they will evolve.

That’s what we call a productive and exciting conversation. Having recently travelled for gigs beyond the Great Wall and around the romantic streets of Paris, Microlab is going to perform this weekend alongside Radu Mirica and R107, at DMB Pool Weekend.

Our dear Micro and a part of the Organik Crew.

photo by Organik