„Giveaways”, or how to shorten „Mirage Making Machine”

by thedaydreamer

Eagerly surfing the web, like a proper Millennial does, we could not help but notice the unstoppable growth of a rather peculiar phenomenon… we are referring to the tempting and alluring giveaway, or to be more accurate, the GIVEAWAY, as writing it in capital letters will do them more justice. In the eye of the possible candidate, sharing, tagging, commenting and liking are such convenient actions when the prize at stake is something as glorious as tickets that you know… usually can be yours for a reasonable amount. But why pay when you can receive them free of charge?

We know, there is nothing that can replace the „kid receiving candy” - like feeling. In appearance, there seems nothing wrong with these kind of contests, but here we are to open your eyes to a nicely packaged illusion you maybe did not think through up until now. What did this become a problem? The answer comes only through introspection, so… dear avid competitor, do you consider that the hard work of artists should not be rewarded anymore? Or is it that the audience just does not respect itself enough in order to pay for quality? Whichever option you want to take into consideration, let us meditate a bit more upon this matter.

Back in the day, the contest prizes consisted of vinyl and event tickets, but now there are all kinds of things being given away: accommodation, bar vouchers, sneakers, speakers, and backstage passes. ”It is what it is. Accept it and move on!”, one might say. But up to what point? There is no apocalyptic scenario involved, as we do not presume that the Electronic Music Industry will implode into 1000 pieces and it will vanish because it will not have enough finances.

However, we are talking about something as simple as respect, both for the work of the artists and for yourself, indifferent to the fact that you are the promoter or just a participant. You see, the only problem is that a giveaway is only a tool for the promoters to gather more awareness and engagement. Growing organically seems a utopia in the age of an ever-expanding Underground Universe and this only succeeds to sadden us a bit, but also to empower and motivate us to preserve it.

After all that’s been said, everything that remains is the illusion of being free has actually a cost: in order to get the chance to win a pair of sneakers, you are selling your online reach by sharing, liking and inviting others to the event. We feel that this kind of rewards tend to corrupt the underground essence of these events, as promoters try to attract people with more tools than just good music…

Photo: Chinese Laundry