I'm a DJ, you're a DJ, everyone's a DJ!

Anybody can be a deejay, right? Well, being a "real DJ" can be quite difficult task to achieve and not everyone is meant for it. In order to understand a little better the idea of real deejaying, we have to go back in time to the moments when everything started.

At first, the "disk jockey" was the one who was creating, touching and mixing the groove with the help of two turntables and a mixer. There were no wave forms, no sync buttons and no software to help them mix. They had to use their ears and manually sync the vinyl records in order to obtain something new that also sounded good enough for the audience.

Mixing by ear seems old fashioned, as we live in the age of synced devices and almost automatic beatmatching. Nowadays, it is very easy to call yourself a DJ just with the help with a laptop packed with loads of software or by using mixing consoles that sync the tracks for you while you are sipping on your drink.

Moreover, it seems that lately we have been invaded by quite a significant amount of people that call themselves DJ-s and make sure that everyone around them knows this. Most of the time, these wannabe deejays also have some high demands when it comes to performing at a venue, considering themselves valuable musicians that deserve the best treatment despite their inconsiderate attitude towards the ones around them.

Hopefully, this will be just another trend that comes and goes, as the real and talented DJ-s have already set some standards that are not so easy to achieve and some clubs have begun to ban the use of laptops for DJ sets, which will be quite an issue for some of the self-called artists with high hopes. Of course, deejaying in your room can be a lot of fun and we encourage this kind of musical activities, but please don't go out in the world and call yourself a DJ if you are dead without Traktor...just don't!