Everybody Wants to be Famous!

So many people desire to become well-known DJ-s and produce tracks that will be remembered, but is this actually a good thing? Sometimes, their intentions are pure, but there are many cases when they are chasing fame instead of a genuine musical experiences. Why does everybody want to be famous? The reason behind this is quite simple, and that is because we are humans and we are naturally programmed to crave acceptance from the others, as we are a species that survives by staying in packs. Scientists already know that since the time of cavemen, humans have striven to be accepted by others.

Our brain thrives on a reward system, so when you get a taste of acceptance, your brain pumps you with "feel good" chemicals that make you want more of it. For most people, this desire starts because “it is cool”. Who doesn’t want to be that person in a party that everyone dances to, everyone wants to see and pay money for? However, only a small portion of them find it fun. They love music, they love the vibe, and DJ-ing is the way to have tons of fun especially when you vibe with the crowd.

We don’t believe that being known, seen, quoted, admired or applauded is something that you should aim for. Music should not be about obtaining attention or various benefits and if you are pursuing these reasons, you are doing it wrong. This being said, let’s dig deeper and find out some reasons for which everybody nowadays thinks that it is easy to become an artist overnight...

Firstly, technology is so easily accessible these days that anyone who wants to produce electronic music can do it to some point. Nowadays, this technology is easy to obtain and has lead to a massive boom in music production. It made things incredibly easy, or at least made them seem easy. If a couple of moments you can buy some software, teach yourself how to use it and then start producing instantly. But this doesn’t mean that you were born to do this, or that your music will be great. Usually, people think that producing and DJ-ing are that simple, but providing consistent quality is not an easy thing to do and if you fail to deliver, people will quickly notice.

If are searching for ways of becoming famous instead of delivering quality material, you will not get too far. The interest for becoming a well-known figure of the scene should be among the last things that you seek and if you prove yourself to be good enough to deserve this status, it will come by itself. So, stop chasing fame and start focusing on music for the sake of it instead of using it as a tool that boosts up your public image!