Ethics of raving

by Par Anormala & Sof

Electronic music's recent surge in popularity comes with serious side effects for underground party attendees.

We could spend time being mad at those random people who don't know how to behave but that would ultimately lead to nothing but more bad vibes.

After talking to friends and other artists who experience the same tribulations, we have assembled some rules for proper underground dance party etiquette.

Before we'll get into it, firstly you need to know if you are into this style of music.

Think of why you are going to a underground party. Is it because it is trendy or cool, or your friends are into it, or because you really like it? Test it out and see how you feel about it. Ask your friends for recommendations or search on YouTube to hear some of the artists who will play there. And if you don't like it, don't go just because everyone does. Minimal music is not for everyone. In order to fit in you need to understand how underground scene works.

In this scene there is a myth. Most people think of drug abuse and you see the conga junky line all around you. This is not true. You are there for the music and the fun, not to get yourself super wasted, to scare people off, or to just stay there petrified like a mummy. If you take too much, you will just end up being messed up, paranoid, sick, fuzzy, confused and think about your friends too. You will ruin the night as well as they will try to take care of you and loose all the fun.

People get high. People get drunk. Sometimes people get high and drunk and then wind up taking a piss in the corner or losing their pants. Don't turn this party into an amateur hour. Getting so messed up that something awful happens is not cool or attractive or fun.

Also, ladies, Underground parties are not for fashionistas! Wear something comfortable, not high heels. You're here to have fun and to feel the music, not to show off your body to strangers, flirt or get a person's number. Just relax, no one there will judge you for your outfit. Minimal clubs are not those kind of places. Just wear something that you feel comfortable in and what you can dance freely in. Another tip. Don't take your shirt off just because you want the attention. It is all about the music, remember?

This one is for you guys. Underground people like making friends but dislike being stalked or harassed. Don't cause trouble with anyone. It's not worth their or your time. Don't be rude to people, and don't harass girls. Do not insist if you see the girl is not into you, even if she catches your eye on the dance floor. Minimal parties are not for matchmaking and women don't go there to get picked up. So stop winking, grinding against them, and the nonsense chatting - the dance floor is for dancing not social conversations. "No" means no, so let go of this kind of behavior or just change the party.

The dance floor is not for conversations. We feel like this one should be pretty obvious, but apparently some people need a little help with the concept. You guys, it is really frustrating and distracting when people stand motionless in the middle of the dance floor and engage in conversation. You're kind of in the way. You're yelling at one another because the music is so loud, so everyone else can hear you screaming your heads off instead of the cool track that we're trying to dance to.

Wow, your smart phone screen is really bright! You're standing right in front of the DJ with your face buried in its hypnotizing rays! This is rude.

This whole movement is about great music, dancing and mutual respect so please, act like it. Just go with the flow, enjoy the music and the amazing vibes.

We can only hope that this list may have helped some of you establish better "rave" conduct.

Photo by: Încrosnatu Dănuț