Do You Really Need That Guestlist?

by Marc

When you hear the word “guestlist”, the following image comes to your mind: you skip the long entrance line and get in the club without paying a dime. Sounds good, right? But is this the right frame of mind? Definitely not, and we are going to tell you why!

Imagine the next scenario: You somehow know the person that organizes the event and ask him/her to write your name on the list. Of course, you will not go alone, so you will also ask for a +1 next to your name. Offering you two free tickets does not seem like a big deal, but you are not the only one that can party for free - your name shares the same list with 30 other people and this is when the drawbacks are being felt…

Back in the day, the guestlist was dedicated to the press and the friends and family of the artist who was performing that night. However, more and more people driven by the desire of partying for free had begun to ask for guestlist for themselves and their group of friends, which started to have a negative impact on the events. Instead of buying a ticket, they suddenly remember that they know someone who knows somebody that is a distant friend of the artist and they try to exploit this situation as much as possible. This is definitely not a good way of thinking…

First, you should always have in mind that organizing an event costs money: equipment, staff, artists and other small expenses that pile up. It takes a lot of hard work to stay in this underground industry and the profits are not big enough. Now, imagine that small profit being cut by 30 people who attended the event for free and did not even help with promoting it. Secondly, paying for a ticket is a sign of respect for the artist that plays for you and makes efforts to become better at what he does, so you could have enjoy your time listening his music.

So, the next time when you want to ask for guestlist without giving anything in return, think about it for a second. The promoters and the artists need your support and sadly, the costs do not get lower if your name is written on the list...

Photo by Par Anormala

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