Daughters of the underground

by misspaw

Although Romania has recently passed the test for “we are over the communist thinking”, there are certain aspects that we - the “open minded” community - are still struggling to fix. That’s why today we are opening the TABU TOPIC DRAWER and harmfully try to find out WHY THE FUCK ROMANIAN FEMALE ARTISTS ARE IN SUCH A STRUGGLE TO FIND THEIR RIGHTFULL PLACE in their line of work? Of course, we are talking about electronic music scene, because everybody knows that we are living in a country where some female artists from Pop Culture are treated like goddesses. And really, I would hate to open this other topic because it will cause a certain girl, who is currently writing these words, a heart attack followed by a mildly stroke. Anyhow…. #nohatetoday

Unfortunately, in Romania great talent fades away in front of big money marketing strategies, monopoly, and gender.

We can draw a parallel between the international electronic music scene and the Romanian one, without pointing fingers. Outside, female DJ’s are empowered, and they are not charted by beauty, but by talent. There are great and talented female artists that are HUGE international names. For example the resident DJ at Berghain….yes…BERGHAIN, it’s a woman! So how come other countries can be open minded and forget about gender and looks?

In Romania, nobody goes to see a male DJ as in to indulge themselves with his ever glowing complexion , they are quite fugly, frankly to be, everybody goes for the show, music, and Insta stories, but when it comes to chicks, as a big consumer of festivals, it often reached my ears : I wanna go see that chick, I need to see her, but I have no clue what kind of music she plays! But why? Why do you care to see a little dot dancing behind a table? You need to have fun, enjoy, dance and expand your musical knowledge. We have great Romanian female artists maybe as good as that international names, so why don’t you give them a chance? This question hunts my thoughts. Enlighten me, will you? All of this and some kind of frustration pushed us to launch this article about domestic discrimination.

To conclude or highlight the main idea, some of our female national treasures are doing well, all because of a stroke of luck and have proved themselves on international grounds. Some of them don’t stand a chance. We have a recent example, where private congratulations are in order. The girl we are referring to found her recipe of success and managed to create for herself a well appreciated internationally name, with weekly gigs. But why not here in Romania also? We have plenty of other examples too, therefore give them a chance, they might surprise you!

photo by: thepineappleXPRS

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