Competition in the World of Music

by Unknown Artist

Everyday, we deal with the fact that some people are more successful than us, regardless of domain we are looking at. This is a general rule of the world we live in and it also applies to the world of DJ-ing, creating a feeling of anger and jealousy that darkens one's thoughts so that he become focused on the success of the other artists, rather than perfecting their own musical skills.

We have prepared some useful tips for those artists that feel like they have been caught into an unfair competition, but feel free to share these tips with your friends even if you are only a music listener.

Many djs and producers may feel discouraged by the absence of gigs and positive feedback and social media does nothing but to intensify these negative feelings, as they scroll through their news feed, see some other artist who has gigs all around the world, then ask themselves: "Why them and not me? I play better music than this guy, why did they pick him?" There are multiple answers to this question and various reasons which we will discuss on another occasion, but the thing is that you should not aim to seek the reasons for their well-being at all.

Instead, you should focus on your personal evolution by reporting to your own standards and results will come for sure in the near future - consistency is the key. As in every field, the more you spend your time doing something, the better you will get. Instead of being frustrated that you are the warm up DJ for the 4th time in a row, be thankful that you are playing to other people and do your best to make them have a good time. As time will pass by, you will have better sets and probably someone else will warm up for you in no time.

Music should not be a race - some may be musically gifted and do not need make great efforts, while others strive to overcome their imperfections. However, it is up to you to decide how hard you want to work in order to achieve your goals, so keep this in mind when you feel disadvantaged. With a positive attitude, patience and motivation, everyone can achieve great things!

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