Bienvenue a Paris, Subit!

by pineappleXPRS

For the past few months our artists have been travelling outside our country playing music in various countries and cities and we cannot be more proud of them! This being said, we talked with Subit who recently came back from his adventure in Paris!

A.C.: Bienvenue! Comment ca va? Pardon my French, but we are very excited for you and your experience in Paris! Did you have time to visit?

Bonjour! Fortunately, there was some time to visit the city before my plane took off to Bucharest. Managed to get to the Eiffel Tower, which I have always wanted to see and also the area around it. I regret that there wasn't as much time as I wanted for this kind of activities.

A.C.: Curious as we always are we want to ask you more, how was the Organik party and the venue it took place at?

It was a big surprise for me when I arrived, as the venue was an abandoned warehouse close to the suburbs of Paris. Everyone was ready for a night full of action, as the building was split into two scenes, minimal and techno, divided by a huge chill zone to cool off and talk with friends.

A.C.: What about the atmosphere itself? And the crowd?

There were a lot of people at the stage I was going to play on and the crowd was very energetic. I instantly became very impatient to start playing for them, as everyone came there to party hard and you could see that on their happy faces.

A.C.: We know that you shared the decks with many great artists, Priku, SAAR etc, did you enjoy it and was it the first time with them?

I played right after Priku, so I finally met him in person, being at the moment one of my favorite artists. Sadly, I didn't have time to talk to him too much, as he was hurrying for his flight back to Mioritmic. SAAR came to play right after me, being a pleasure to share the decks with him after he kept me company during the morning of my arrival in Paris.

A.C.: Are there differences in comparison to the parties in Romania, if yes, would you like to see them implemented here as well?

In France they have a rave culture which we don’t really have here in Romania. The French crowd is more lively and active, as the Romanians are more silent and calm, but I think that there is an equal amount of enjoyment on both sides, under a different form. Every country should have its own party culture that makes it unique.

A.C: Finally, are there any news for your next adventure? Where will we see you next?

I will be going back to the UK, as my first visit there was totally a blast, so we shall talk again pretty soon. A.C. Cool! We are looking forward to hearing from you again :D

photo by: Organik

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