Assonant Circles on the magical realm of Waha Festival

by the Assonant Weasels

Not long ago we had the privilege of attending one of the most salient art festivals that our country has to offer. We have been completely overwhelmed by the experience, to the point where putting it into words in a medium such as this seemed impossible. However, now that the dust has settled and we’ve processed it all, we have grown eager to share some of what we lived through the exceedingly epic adventure that was Waha Festival.

As soon as we arrived in Batanii Mari, the place where the magic of Waha was happening, our attention was immediately drawn to the many others who were there for the same reason we were. Something quite special started happening next, as it kind of felt like a common excitement shared by everyone on their way to the festival was beginning to develop. The exceptional quality of the music, the powerful sense of togetherness and the unrestrained expressivity of everyone made it all together an unforgettable experience for us.

We've been so enthusiastic about the fact that we, the Assonant Circles family, had the opportunity to be part of this magical tale, alongside six of our talented artists who brought moments of joy and pure bliss in peoples’ hearts at the alternative stage. It felt like we always belonged there, it felt like home. There was so much love in the air that we literally felt like we could almost reach out and touch it. The positive free flowing energy that was radiated and shared by all attendees during our shows was absolutely extraordinary!

Now we would like to wholeheartedly thank each of you that contributed or provided that heavenly world for us, even if it lasted shortly it was an extremely blissful experience thus we decided to share with you the three best moments from our point of view:

Amorf (live-set): It was an unreal-dreamlike bliss, literally. The harmony floating around us allowed the whole crowd to feel the notes vibrating through our bodies.

Minilogue (set): It’s like trying to express the inexpressible here...literally we could melt into the music, becoming one.

Last but not least our third gem: dancing in the rain under Pedro’s electric beats. The soft drops of summer rain on our faces, the sound of the rain and the warm summer day blending with the melodic sounds would have made us dance forever...

In all honesty we cannot wait for next year’s sensational edition of Waha’s Festival 2019-yes it was that good-yes see you all next year for sure! Till then we’ll keep you occupied don’t worry! :)

Photo by: Mircea Struţeanu