Girl, that DJ doesn’t need a shadow

by the daydreamer

We know you always wish to be in the center of attention, standing on the highest spot possible. You hope that everyone sees you and that you see everyone. You feel as if you are on the top of the world or floating on the clouds, carried out by the soft sounds. But actually, you are just standing behind the music desk, quite putting the DJ into trouble because he cannot fully concentrate on his work.

It all starts with that, the desire to be noticed. Oh, the DJ just took a break. It’s time for you to have fun at the DJ set, not knowing what you are doing, nor doing it out of passion. Did you manage to share the moment with everyone, on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or whatever it is out there? Trust us, it will not make them envious as you thought it would. They will only raise a question mark on what the heck you are doing there or, better said, what have you done to have this so-called privilege. Let us not go deep into that topic. It’s better if you keep it for yourself. The DJ returned and you worked so hard it’s time for you to unwind into the backstage. Why stand in the crowd as everybody else? Is it not cool enough for your Royal Highness?

But, please, don’t you think for one second that being the DJ’s little shadow makes you any more special than the rest. Tell us, who do you want to prove your worth to? Is it the crowd, your friends, the DJ or, maybe, is it your own self? You wished to be noticed for as long as you can remember, but somehow you ended up in the corner in the room, having no one to talk to. And now the situation is completely the opposite. Afraid of rejection, you hide under a mask of shallowness and pride. That will not help you in the long run, nor will it bring you any benefits.

Girl, embrace who you truly are outside that DJ’s music desk or the backstage area. They do not belong to you, but to the people who actually work for it. Your star can shine even more bright and vivid on the dance floor. Stepping down on the stairs from your throne, the people will welcome you with joy and you will finally receive the crown you deserve by being yourself, not the shadow of the DJ.

illustration by Romanian Club Culture