Euphoric essences are not a must during Underground parties!

by the daydreamer

The night always starts like any other from your life, with you, being your true and unmasked self who spontaneously decided that it is time to have a little bit of fun. Not that kind of inoffensive one, but imprudently allowing euphoric substances to capture your body and mind.

And so you proceed and you become a casualty of the thing that promises you falsified dreams. Diluted in the shadows of the night, you see your reflection in the mirror and do not even recognize yourself. Nor do you know who you are accompanied by. Not to mention that the music became only a vigorous noise which cannot be distinguished. Soon, you will be left with a gigantic blank space into the mind. There is a sense of hope still igniting in your heart that allows you to carry on into the night like that. Mentally wounded by the effects that you do not really acknowledge in the moment, but with the passing of time they will become more and more visible…these wounds. Slowly, they will be transformed into physical pain and you will carry around the emptiness of what used to be the nights of your recklessness and irresponsibility.

All those repercussions. In the name of what? For the vanity and for the cowardice of admitting who you truly are. I understand your concern of maybe not being able to enjoy your time to its full potential without the act of taking fascinating essences. It is said that they have the ability to lower inhibitions and make people feel less self-aware. But really, have you ever wondered that there might be other factors that inhibit you. It may be in the fact that you are actually not surrounded by the right people or the atmosphere is not suitable for you. The thought of giving up on practices that involve hypnotising capsules of medicine or like-aftereffect materials during parties is in-conceivable for now. But just try it. It might be scary at first, I know. It consists of leaps of faith, but filled with innocently beautiful moments.

Think about the morning you wake up and you actually remember the emotions and the incredible times. It was not like the other times when it all led to your memories being thrown into the oblivion. Now you possess actual facts that you can share with your friends forever. Live for the eternity, not for the ephemerality of euphoria.

photo by Romanian Club Culture