Next level influencers: the Underground way

by the daydreamer

Painting perfect pictures in the minds of their acolytes, that’s what they do. For the online world, the concept of “influencer” has become so popular that we cannot distinguish common people from them, because one of every three individuals has gained the status of “influencer”. With Underground, we prefer to categorize them, as, we must admit, they play a very important role into the process of spreading the news.

First, we have the DJs which, as we previously discussed, possess a certain power and it depends on them how they will use it. Focusing on the more positive aspect, we discover the DJ as this talented, worship-worthy human being who arose from hard work and patience. He is the individual that restlessly guides your thoughts through the intermediate of music, without you even acknowledging it. It’s some kind of magic within the way he releases the sounds from a cage of their own, sheltered from the outside noise. So admiring or wishing we would be like him comes as normal act.

Then, we have the “social media influencers”. We already perceive them as being the perfect role model for us, so we imitate his/hers actions without filtering them though our own gnoseological mindset. With the tone of light speed, we rush to wherever he/she spends the free time doing and promotes as being “cool”, even if that doesn’t identify with our own interests. You are your own self, the essence of the things that resonate with deeply rooted, joy bringing expressions. You are not them, living in a cocoon of desperate need for attention and hanging onto the thread of increased following. Just as “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, so is the passion. Stay true and follow your own!

Then, be careful! Blinded by the false promises of a mysterious world, in the end we let ourselves influenced by something worse. These “influencers” bait us with dreams which, they say, can be found within this pure white dust or finely chopped “innocent” plants. Come on! You are not an herbivore! You are an individual worth so much more than this and you can create your own beautiful world with the help of music and good company because, after all, that is what brought you to the party.

All in all, not letting yourself influenced comes down to an intrinsic capacity of self-discovery. This journey is one of the few that life prepared for you during which is better to be alone. Company is allowed only when double checked or when it happens to be very close to your heart, because that’s the only epicenter of a good influencing.

photo by Romanian Club Culture