The lost battalion of oversharing over the Internet

by the daydreamer

We live in the era of oversharing and as the time passes, this trend constantly increases. When are we gonna remember to step outside of this atrocious space that is covered both with tapestries of light and darkness? And, as a matter of fact, you are, too, as a music creator, maybe unconsciously, maybe deliberately caught up under the shallowness of it all.

I know you see it as a harmless act which keeps us up to date and connected with what you are doing, my dear artist, but the fact is that your forgot something. You forgot to let your music speak for you, which was, after all, the reason why you started this. Do you remember how good it felt to let your emotions out, be it anger or exultation, while manoeuvring the DJ set and hearing the results of your great work? Now, you are more preoccupied with posting it on all of your social networks so that may you will not be forgotten. How do you think the greatest of them all managed to stay close to their audience before this thing we call Internet existed or at least become so popular? Through their passion, of course.

In the past, vibrations in the roaring dusk of the city, they used to call for people to be together, be present and united in the same space and at the same time. Now it seems like nothing exists without posting it on the Internet. I know you are proud that your work went viral, but where you that focused on creating it while posting a Snap, a Story or whatever it may be: #lookatme #party #fun. But bear in mind one thing: those who care will always be by your side, listening, dancing, letting themselves loose on the rhythms you create.

These words might be a lost cause, but I hope that you will, at least, acknowledge that being a part of the lost battalion of platonic overshares might be, in the long run, not that beneficial. With your eyes sparkling from the light of the smartphone, there will be no light left for the inspiration to radiate.