Underground parties turned into masquerades of adventures

by the daydreamer

Hiding behind masks. That’s who we are. Our person exists because of the chameleonic representation we gave it. Changing one face after another, depending on the environment we are placed in. Whether it is friends, family, colleagues we are talking about, changing the way we behave is different from one to the other. But have you ever wondered how we see masks as only an attribute to human beings? Some locations also possess the quality of changing or hiding secrets depending on the situation. You expect one thing when entering a space, but when leaving you’re left with images that count as disappointments. And so, it becomes a vicious circle where there is no possibility to enjoy the main reason you came for, just because the atmosphere was polluted by certain factors.

When it comes to Underground parties, you sign in for the music and the good vibes. Sometimes, this is replaced by small things that keep contributing to ruining the otherwise very well-intended event. You have just arrived and went to the bar to order a drink. After taking the first sip, you realize that the amount of bad quality alcohol exceeds the fancy-sounding name. Probably the bar tender must have thought you were there only to get wasted, not enjoy the taste of a quite expensive cocktail. He even got mad because you dared to wait in line and not let his girlfriend order before you.

Turning your head, there seems to be a little misunderstanding between two enthusiasts going on, which rapidly turns into a massive fight. The body-guards? Not there, probably. Or around, but do not want to get involved because their main concern is that the police will investigate them. A brave individual appears to calm the spirits, so you are all safe. For now. Good for the body-guards. And good for the guy who finally succeeded in getting into the backstage for knowing the cousin of the sister’s neighbor of the DJ. It is all so different in the backstage. I bet he is having fun sitting on the sofa. He might as well have been home, on his own couch. It is OK. The DJ does not need a place to rest after he spent the night sitting and putting all of his energy into the creative work.

Here. We served you just a small amount of the reality that needs to be acknowledged in order to be fought against. Hopefully, you are not part of the bad examples we gave or if so, consider what you’ve read as a lesson of politeness. It is not a critique, just a checklist of unwanted facts on the agenda of some parties.

photo by Romanian Club Culture

*This article contains subtle notes of sarcasm mixed with a cocktail of truths. We hope it was better than the drink you were served at the bar. Cheers to a hopeful and merry year!