Underground parties and the game of diversity

by the daydreamer

One of the most interesting thing you can do when participating at an Underground event is to hide in a corner an just watch. It might sound simple, but believe us that it is not. Analyse the diversity that surrounds you and you will realize that it is all a game with the mind and the soul. The exterior is made to reflect what is on the inside and it is up to us how we want to express that. We played this game and now we share some secrets only with you.

Mrs./Mr. Mad about music - She/He stepped into the room, ignoring the noise of the crowd, enhaling the good tones that the DJ provides. This typology created a world of his own, where music is all that matters. Once in a while, he leaves the room to get a drink and exchange a word or two with his friends, but surely not to be too far so that he will not hear the rhythm. He dances not so much so his energy won’t drop ‘till the end of the party.

The socially savvy – Out and about, looking to make friends with almost anyone. Actually, more “out”, because that is where all of the socializing happens. Surrounded by a circle of people, laughing or frowning, it’s all up to the discussion. One thing is for sure: he will leave the party with an agenda full of telephone numbers and Facebook profiles.

The subtle stalker – He/She hits the like button as soon as the favourite DJ posts a new gig. So to see him live, flash and bone comes as a real honour. Does not leave the place that he caught, as close to the stage as it can be, not until the party ends. He does everything only to be as close to the DJ as possible and knows everybody at the party, wanting to find out the spiciest news.

The wannaBees – You recognize them by the fancy attire, came there only to show off their newly bought garments and will probably leave in 5 minutes. Where? Not far, do not worry. They are in the backstage, hanging out with the „cool crowd”. They pollinate the others with sugar coated words and smiles, but the music is actually the last reason for coming to the party.

Flower Power – The most peaceful ones. They know their limits, so they do not abuse of anything, but they do know how to have fun and actually remain infused with happiness until the party ends.

This was the simple game of diversity that we played. So, if you will play it next time you attend a party, be sure to share the results with us. Oh, we are so curious about them! That is the beauty of diversity: it is utterly infinite.

illustration by Romanian Club Culture