Let’s paint music and discover hidden dimensions!

by the daydreamer

One of the influent ideas for the path that art coosed to follow is that of universal harmony connected with the absolute and existent secret reality, that stands behind all of the things, full of mystery. And when you realise that art is best served into a kaleidoscope of senses, that’s when you also admit that music is indispensible when you’re admiring an art-work and vice-versa. Visuals and music will always be a part of the most beautiful area of storytelling. It is all there, in the mesmerizing colours and oddly-shaped lines which found their peace in the collision with unconventional sounds.

It is some sort of perfect madness that cannot be understood by others, but only by the initiates who saw the deeper meanings and felt the hidden energies. In order for this to happen, there are some special people that need to work their magic abilities, people who met in order to create impressive and legendary productions for our eyes and ears to be overjoyed. There were extraordinary times in Tokyo and London where some of them contributed in order to immerse the people into a totally different world. We are talking about ar:pia:r, the musical core and Dreamrec, the ornamental clothe. The fantastic notes of ar:pia:r that lead to the plan of interiority, that of essence, are also beautifully completed by the graceful decorations of Cote, with the occasion of such events as Casino Sinaia. The signs of innovative minds touch the geography of the restless sea-shore once Sunwaves takes place, while the peacefulness of the northern part of Romania exquisitely invaded at Mioritmic.

Of course, those were moving visuals that we talked about. Let’s not forget, though, about those who brighten our days and illuminate our nights with static, magnificent works of art, for which you can take all the time in the word and admire. They deserve our round of applause for the remarkable images they captured, leaving marks of the time we were the happiest: Valeriu Cătălineanu (Romanian Club Culture) and Kay Ross Photography. Though, don’t you dare to think that we haven’t forgot about the gifted graphicians, maybe even „la pièce de résistance”, those who embellish posters, covers or vinyls in the most inventive ways, such as Jamel and Vlad Maxim. The later mentioned creating true masterpieces for the famous Richie Hawtin.

Visual artwork and music are both ways in which their creators possess the capability to express themselves, while creating new dimensions for the audience to step in. Thus, they contribute, through their hard work and aptitudes to building a whole new spectrum of valences and unknown worlds.

photo by Romanian Club Culture